Battlefield 3 is Just Awesome

Boom de Yada version of Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 is just awesome.

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Undeadwolfy2115d ago

Haha thats awesome! Good vid

2115d ago
ATi_Elite2115d ago

Battlefield 3 PC is just such a *whimmper sniff sniff* .......such a beautiful and fun game!

Black08Hawk2115d ago

Heck yea! except all the hackers.

Black08Hawk2113d ago

i been having alot of problems lately with aim bot hackers and more they are really pissing me off and im hoping infinty ward will band those fags im tired of ppl who cant play the game for what is is just cause they suck at the game and need hacked assistance is lame all you hackers are lame and practically ruin everyone elses gameplay. for all us skilled players and the players who try their best i thank you for being good sports.

SnakeCQC2115d ago

lol plz dice make this an advert

ACBAA2115d ago

in b4 mw3 vs bf3 argument

cpayne932115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

You would be one to incite such an argument wouldn't you? To quote you from an earler comment...

"are you mad cuz you and 100 other people who play bf3 cant find yourselves at those big ass boring maps? :'(((((("

Your comment is a waste of space. So dumb when people say in b4 whatever. What's the point?

Edit: You're not, one of my lesser qualities is that I like to criticize people, I'll try to work on that. :)

ACBAA2115d ago

glad im important to your life

MariaHelFutura2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

ACBAA, you're not important here. No one would give a sh!t if you left and never came back. Seeing your hobby is trolling, I doubt your very important in real life either.

FunAndGun2115d ago

well said bub for keepin em honest. ;)

ZILLA2115d ago

greatest shooter of all time if not greatest game of all time(period)

Hassassin2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

I'll give u greatest shooter... not game srry, imho of course

Edit: in fact greatest military shooter, not fps in general.

hiredhelp2115d ago

Defo the best FPS millitary game this year And best engine of this year.
Remember what dice said, Now they made Frostbite 2.0 making bf series wont take as long. Im just glad dice are 110% backing supporting there game. Despite some bugs pc and Some people choosing to use hacks its one hell of a game,There days just cant shoot a dead duck scream shout but still go back. Then i get them kills you love you know the ones long sniper shot's knife kill with pay back. And laying down mines luring in the tanks. Oh Hell I need my dose of BF3 laters.

Oh before i go dont knock the console version cos it beats alot warfare games. And looks awsome.

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