'Smash Bros. Brawl' Friend Code Woes

Today is a sad day in Smash Bros. history. It has been revealed that Brawl will in fact use friend codes that will be unique to the game.

Just like other Wii games, it will be a terrible chore to populate a friends list with people you know and IMPOSSIBLE to add random people you play.

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Bonsai12143736d ago

i'm not entirely sure how wii friend codes work (you have a unique number, you swap number with people to enter them into friend list?) but it does suck that you can't add people you play with randomly. hopefully they'll add this feature in, because there's nothing like playing someone random online, finding out you two make a great team, then never seeing that person again.

which is why i enjoy the PSN's "players met" category. i have several friends who i know because we made such a good Rfom team.

Panthers3736d ago

so no voice chat or friend invites?

Everyone thinks the Wii is so f*ck!ing innovative but it cant even get the basics of online right. That is where innovation needs to happen.

They know that motion control is a bad choice, hence the reason its not in this game. (And if it is an option, no one will use it)

I will probably still get a Wii simply for this game alone, but I was hoping the online would be better.

Snipes203735d ago

First off, I think that the Wii NEEDS headsets, and that friend codes should only apply to parental settings.

Since Nintendo refuses to change that, here is what devs can do to deliver without voice chat and with friend codes.

1. Let people set the options for the game they want to play, then search for players to fight.

2. Let people make their own matches and let people join. (With the ability to boot unpopular players).

3. Create a "Party" list so you could keep the name (initials if names are too "revealing") of random people that you enjoyed playing with. Then you could send game invites, join parties, etc.

4. Let people who have traded friend codes send text messages to each other.

Those are four simple ways to improve online play and I'm sure if a dev was even a little persistent, Nintendo would not stop them. Why don't they do it? I don't know. Rare did option #1 on Diddy Kong Racing for DS, why can't someone do it for Wii?

Prismo_Fillusion3736d ago

Lack of voice chat is worse than the friend codes. :/

djroberts3736d ago

This is false. Read the link below directly from Nintendo: "You can also battle with people you don’t know who are looking for brawls. The most important point here is that you will not know each other’s names."

Prismo_Fillusion3736d ago

Did you see the smashbros dojo update yesterday?

Panthers3736d ago

It says that you will not know each others names. That is bad. That means you will not be able to tell who you are fighting.

djroberts3736d ago

I saw it. It simply details how to use the friends list. It doesn't eliminate the "With Anyone" mode. G4 made an assumption but didn't actually look at the game features. No worries folks, it supports random games.

Prismo_Fillusion3736d ago

Noone said it eliminated the "With Anyone" mode. You're reading far far far too deeply into this report. It's only saying that it's still a pain to add your friends if you want to play with them, and you can't add people to your friends list whom you play with randomly online. In fact, the report even says "IMPOSSIBLE to add random people you play" meaning that you do play random people. We all knew this, so did G4. You made an assumption, and you didn't actually look at this report.

Kulupoo3736d ago

I try to add 6 friends for Mario strikers and it takes like 3min each to type in the codes... and you tell me i got to do that for every game?

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