Battlefield 3 Maintenance Happening Tomorrow

The Official Battlefield 3 twitter has informed us that there will be some maintenance for all platforms tomorrow.

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Criminal2422d ago

Can't wait for Back to Karkand.

dfire12122421d ago

Hope so, trying to hear every third word is a pain

_Q_2421d ago

Its the only thing that bothers me. I end up playing better solo because of it. A manner in which this game was not designed for. Please Dice just fix the damn mics.

Szarky2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

DICE is so slow. That's what happens I guess when you rush a game out, takes forever to catch up on all the fixes.

Game has been out for 6 weeks is it?

cyborg69712421d ago

Cry baby. Even with this games shortcomings its five times the game mw3 could ever dream of being.

I can wait for the mic fix. Yeah its sucks but mw3 has the same problem. And on top of that the game sucks. At least Bf3 has the solid gameplay.