In Defense of Call of Duty: Part 2

Greg M of writes:

"Today, I’m going to defend Activision itself against this allegation that they are, in fact, the Devil.

It took me a moment to understand this, myself. I used to be among the bitching millions who swore that Activision (and EA. And whoever else was hated at the moment) was killing the art of video games. What I needed to realize (and what many people still need to realize) is that they are taking the situation way too seriously and, furthermore, the industry is constantly evolving– Activision is just using CoD to take advantage of the internet multiplayer craze."

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killerhog2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

oh, i loved the Rugrats growing up as a kid. imma get codmw 3 now, the Tommy "and?" pic averts all the haters' assessments.

Haters, 'CODmw 3 is laggy'. Tommy, "and?"
Haters, 'CODmw3 is for newbs'. Tommy, "and?"
Haters, 'i like Battlefield'. Tommy, "and?"
Haters, 'durrrrrrrrrrr'. Tommy "the eff?" etc. lol

h311rais3r2445d ago

I loved rugrats. But cod. Nope. Rugrats was quality. Lolcuz cods not