Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - 411 Mania Review (8.0/10)'s Armando Rodriguez reviews Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on 12.04.2007. His conclusion:

"Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is not the killer game Sony needed to sell more PS3's, but it is one heck of a good game. The hype might hurt the game more than it helps since people will buy the game thinking they are getting the Halo-killer or the Mario-killer. Instead, they are getting a game that has amazing production values and solid gameplay, but not much lasting appeal. Is it worth playing? If you have a Playstation 3, yes. Or if you already had plans to buy a PS3 and want a good game, once more, the answer is yes. But this is not a game worth buying the system for."

• Graphics: 10.0
• Gameplay: 8.0
• Sound: 9.5
• Lasting Appeal: 7.5
• Fun Factor: 8.0
• Overall: 8.0 [ Very Good ]

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xplosneer3944d ago

My review is the same except bump gameplay to a 9, lasting appeal to an 8.5, and fun factor to a 9. IMO.

Panthers3944d ago

Fun factor should be a 9. I loved the gun fights in the game. And graphics deserve a 10 no doubt.

InMyOpinion3944d ago

In what lies it's lasting appeal? Once you've finished it there's not much else to do. No online modes, no branching storyline. Compared to other games it hasn't got much lasting appeal, really. It's a great game, but lasting appeal I think not.

Bathyj3944d ago

What about, every firefight plays out differently each time thanks to the AI. Whats not fun about that?

InMyOpinion3944d ago

You mean like in Halo 3 and Gears of war? Except they both have online as well. Humans > AI.

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Bonsai12143944d ago

i need to disagree with the "this is not a game worth buying the system for." Uncharted is currently the best example of a true next gen experience. it completely engrosses you into the game, it has lifelike animations, it has completely believable characters, and is basically the most polished game i've played in the last decade.

i can understand people saying, "its not sandbox gameplay, it has no multiplayer," but since when did games NEED to have multiplayer or openendedness? there's enough replay value packed in that it warrants at least 2 more playthroughs after the initial completion; once in fast forward or slow mo, and the other in the mirror mode.

this game ISN'T perfect, but it sure deserves a score higher than the 8 given here for being the closest thing to a real next-gen experience.

Danja3944d ago

I agree with everything you said..

but the who the hell is the reviewer literally never heard of them..

this is by far the best game i've played all year other than GOW2..
and everyone should experience what this game has to offer...truly the first True Next Gen experience..!!

sheng long3944d ago

i stopped reading the moment he said this is not a Halo/mario killer.
LMAO. it never intended to be, dumba$$

hotshot12373944d ago

its like he's talking about the console war instead of just reviewing the game.
and why the hell would it be a halo killer, its not even a fps.
its ridiculous that halo is on people's mind so much that it causes them to compare it to a game that has nothing to do with it.

what is it with reviewers today. ign is the only good one to me now.
but you guys know this game didnt get below a 8 anywhere

picker3323944d ago

I saw a review somewhere you could play online,but have they canceled that then or?...
Well if you cant,i will not buy this game!

Slayer OP3944d ago

I hate online play. People cheat too much and its just no fun with people cussing you off

Panthers3944d ago

No online and you are an idiot if you do not ge4t it because of that. CoD4 should be all you need for online along with maybe warhawk. This game is an amazing game, but whatever.

Danja3944d ago

It was made clear from day one that Uncharted will have no online play...this game doesn't need online's a great game..

jeez..if you wan't online play go with Warhawk...sometimes I like to enjoy a single player game with a good story and interesting characters...Online play is not needed in a game to make it enjoyable...!..and Uncharted has alot of replay value also..

jorellpogi3943d ago

You should take into consideration that there are sizeable numbers of console owners that don't play online. Like me!!!

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sheng long3944d ago

you can play word puzzle online so perhaps you should go buy that

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