First-Person Perspective: Game Length and the Problem with Epics (C&G Magazine)

Reid McCarter writes: "It seems like everyone wants to create an epic. Recent films make up some of the worst offenders, with many comedies now bursting through the 120 minute mark (hi, Judd Apatow). The same can be said for videogames, which are just as guilty of unnecessarily overextending themselves — even when adding length is detrimental to the experience."

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PersonMan2331d ago

I agree about LA Noire... holy crap was that tedious. I didn't even want to finish the game. I got close to the end and just lost interest all together. I traded it in.

I have Red Dead Redemption as well, and I'll probably never know how that game ends because the beginning bores me so much that I really don't have much desire to continue it.

I guess I'm too simple minded.

However, I played Infamous 2 twice (once for each karma) and it was awesome both times. I Had no issues with it's length and everything just went along so smoothly and seamlessly. They did a great job designing that game.