The Last Of US: Website Hints At A Potential Early Reveal Date

Sony’s new cryptic reveal of the Playstation exclusive 'Last Of Us’ is even more cryptic if you viewed the second trailer for the game. As the industry speculates and tries to dissect Sony’s new teaser trailer, the games second trailer only makes things less understandable.

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BiggCMan2417d ago

I'm just waiting till Saturday. No reason to spoil it, you get a better feeling if you see it at the same time as everyone.

2417d ago
Tai2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

I bet the enemies will deformed mushroom head zombies.

RedDragan2413d ago

Last Of Us is an anagram of Sofa Slut.

I think that's a clue.

Sevir042416d ago

that is not yet clickable! The date 12.7.11 indicates that another teaser will be viewable on that day not only that! Geoff on Twitter told "TOO PWNED" a user here on N4G to check back on the website on the 7th to see something else revealed, when he asked Geoff about the the "12.7.11" on the website!