Mario Kart 7 Review (C&G Magazine)

Phil Brown writes: "Over the years, Nintendo has branched off their mascot into a variety of different gaming genres. He’s been a golfer, an Olympic Athlete, and even a painter, yet the only side job the mushroom-chomping plumber has really excelled at is as a go-kart racer. Ever since the first edition of Mario Kart debuted on the Super Nintendo, to take advantage of the system’s at the time groundbreaking Mode 7 3D technology (no, not pop out of the screen 3D. Believe it or not there was a time when that wasn’t common), the gaming franchise has been a staple of every Big N console. With the 3DS finally through the early struggles and sure to be on more than a few Christmas lists, Nintendo decided to crank out another entry in their cartoony racing franchise, which has now, somewhat shockingly, hit seven chapters. So is the new one any good? Well, yeah. It’s Mario Kart. Nintendo stumbled onto a wining formula with this sucker years ago and it still guarantees childish glee."

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