Our Top Ten Games of 2011 ( "Last year, our countdown of the best games of 2010 was originally supposed to be a mere top ten list, until we tallied up all of the year’s superlative software and arrived at a figure that was far closer to 30 than just 10. And exactly the same thing has happened this year, with well over thirty games being more than worthy of a slot in our top ten..."

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blaaah2418d ago

So Arkham City beat out Skyward Sword? Blasphemy...

_Aarix_2418d ago

WTF! Why do people hate Gears of War so Damn much.

cpayne932418d ago

Well, it does say at the bottom that Gears 3 will be in the top 25 list.

TLG19912418d ago

wtf so mario kart 7 is better that uncharted to these guys says it all , but i suppose its a suprise this kind of retail store didn't just put cod at number one and just put in order of whats sold best

Hicken2418d ago

I don't disagree with most of the GAMES on the list, but the order is DEFNITELY bass ackwards.

Captain Qwark 92418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

DS, Bats, BF3, and Skyrim are on mine as well. im sure when i get to it UC3 will be too. clearly these guys are more fans of nintendo than i becuase i already know that zelda, Mariokart would never be on my top list. Mario land possibly but i dont play portable games unless there on my phone