Pachter: November 2011 Console Sales Numbers

Gadgehit writes: "Wedbush anlyst, Michael Pachter has written to investors today with the latest results for console sales in North America in November 2011. The Xbox 360 seems to have outsold the Nintendo Wii by almost 400,000 units. The Xbox 360′s total sales in the month were 1.44 million units, according to the analyst, representing a 5% increase year-over-year for the console."

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gaffyh2121d ago

Nice numbers for all the consoles tbh, despite the decrease in sales for the Wii.

fei-hung2121d ago

Wonder if this sales trend will continue to the end of the year, especially around xmas.

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evilunklebud2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Good numbers all around.... but the 360, man, it got hot (no pun intended) at the end of the year.

dendenmooshi2121d ago

Dance Central has gotten kind of hot. I would contribute it to that. Based on what I'm seeing.

belal2121d ago

ps3 did great too! 750 000 console and ocming in second. I expect ps3 to be number 1 world wide.

evilunklebud2121d ago

Ahead of the Wii? No way....

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slayorofgods2121d ago

"41% increase in sales year-over year"

I'd have to say so, it looks like a lot of the wii type gamers are starting to migrate to the PS3.

slayorofgods2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )


I read even more carefully then that.....

1st place xbox = 5% increase year-over-year

2nd place Wii = 17% decrease in sales year-over-year

3rd place PS3 = massive 41% increase in sales year-over year

You can load me up with dissagree's all you want but the wii is in decline and the PS3 is showing the sharpest increase..... Those wii sales ARE helping the PS3 the most. The 360 is doing its usual self, very well for the holidays.

-edit- I didn't see belal put 2nd place I read too fast, but the PS3 did do a good job.

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aviator1892121d ago

Didn't you read the article? The PS3 was said to come in last place, not second.

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DiRtY2121d ago

Wow 2:1 in favour of the Xbox in NA is huge.

RBdrift2120d ago

yet, ps3 world wide sell's are even bigger.

2120d ago
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