Video games content worries parents, says survey

More than three-quarters of parents in the UK are concerned about the content of video games, according to an independent survey commissioned by Microsoft.

But British parents don't feel as though they have any say over whether video games are suitable or not, with 60 per cent believing they had a "less than average" influence over what kind of games their children played.

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BlackCountryBob3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

How can parents say they have a less than average influence over what games their children play? I hate to point this out but with games at £40-£50 each I assume it is the parents who are actually buying little Timmy that copy of Manhunt or GTA. You want influence parents? How about this, tell little Timmy no for once, kids can ask but that doesn't mean you have to buy!

I guess that is the problem, middle class parents who will do anything to make sure their kids have a stack of presents and everything they asked for regardless of if it is suitable or not. Those parents who buy a 11 year old Manhunt or GTA because all the other kids have it are the same idiots who are paying £500 for a Wii.

And to say they don't understand the ratings, check the box! The big red 15 or 18 badge is the same as on a DVD and is 3 times the size as on a DVD but I don't hear parents saying they didn't understand the BBFC rating on a copy of Debbie Does Dallas, they can understand it then so why not on games, oh yes thats right they just run into the store and find what little Timmy pestered them for and buy it without even a second glance! Buying a video game is very different to buying Monopoly!

I also don't get the point of this parental timer thing, how about parents take responsibility and actually go into the room and say "you have been playing for an hour, turn it off now", oh yes, thats right, games like TV and DVDs are passive babysitters so parents can go do something else and be absolved from any possible parental responsibility. if you as a parent think that 1 hour per night is enough then actually physically look at a clock and press the power button, its such a simple thing and even someone who has never used a computer at all can work a power button, its just like the one on a kettle or TV so that when you press it the power go's off.

Parents of Britain, YOU are the parents, you are in charge of your little brat and you have the ultimate power of saying no. If an 11 year old can go out and buy GTA himself then how about join the real world and stop giving the spoilt little brat £40 pocket money.

Rant over!

Keowrath3911d ago

How can parents say they have a less than average influence over what games their children play? They can say this because their kid isn't always at home playing said games. A few of my customers at work dispair that their child is playing inapropriate video games around their friends houses. I remember a few years back a guy grounded his 11 year old son because he eventually found out the boy had been playing GTA round a friends.

The guy I mentioned is a great guy, he's done almost everything he can do to stop his son playing these games but he turns around for 5 mins and the kid is next door beating some cop to death with a baseball bat. Next doors policy is that it's totally accepted which leads to these problems.

Don't get me wrong, I've been playing video games since before I was a teenager and I never once turned into a dragon and bit someone in half! But I do appreciate some "good" parents have problems screening what their children see/play especially if it's not actually in their house.

BlackCountryBob3911d ago

So 60% of parents feel they don't have enough influence on their neighbours children?

Tell your mate that if he feels his child is doing something at a friends house that he doesn't approve of then how about telling his son he cannot go to his friends house any more, that's what always happened when I was a kid.

coolfool3911d ago

How much do you push the kid to do what you want and risk them becoming just plain rebellious and how much do you grant them leniency to keep them in favour?

The balance is easier said than done, especially when the kid next door's parents disagree and shows an attitude which agrees with what the kid wants.

Keowrath3910d ago

Heh, I never thought I'd be standing up for the side of censorship! (LOL ALWAYS been on the other side of the fence!) ok, maybe not standing up for it but trying to make a point with it.

For starters, I should say that I don't work in the games business, my customers aren't buying games from me =). Secondly I wouldn't say that the people that I spoke about above represent 60% of parents. My point is that the kids are playing these games without parents realizing by playing them at another house, it was only at a later date that the guy found out his son had been playing GTA.

Kids are kids, they hide stuff from parents because they know it's wrong. Well we always did when we were younger! =p

I do agree with a lot of your points and personally I think that parents are or can be the main reason their children go off the rails but there are some parents out there who do bring their kids up well but their kids are still being exposed to the Manhunts and GTA's out there without their knowing.

BTW, +Bubbles, it's nice to have a civilized conversation on N4G. =)

BlackCountryBob3910d ago

Hehehe a civilised conversation on N4G? Never, I simply wont allow it to happen :)

Must be immature gamer idiot, must make badly thought out comment.

erm I hate gay gamers...... :)

That's better!

Somehow I feel I have dirtied my good name by even joking about that fanboy ranting trash! (PS: Gay gamers are OK in my book, I just thought I should point this out in case anyone didn't get the sarcasm).

but ditto, it does make a nice change, bubbles for you and in fact for everyone else who has commented on this story.

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BachelorBrit3911d ago

I have to agree with BlackCountryBob, kids today are so spoiled they get anything they want. I was on the Playstation 3 forums where some members as young as 12 said they own a Playstation 3,HD TV, PSP Slim, XBOX 360, etc where the hell are these kids getting money for these things? I am nearly 23 years old now but when I was a teenager I barely got any pocket money and it was only really If I got money for my birthday or Christmas that I could buy a video game.

Parents today are so clueless it's ridiculous the BBFC had to introduce even bigger (18) and (15) rating logos here in the United Kingdom so parents know that the games are not for kids. I have often seen kids going with a parent to buy a Grand Theft Auto game or an (18) rated one in general. I was shocked that one person on a forum said they thought Manhunt 2 should be okay for anyone over 12 years old.

Anyway the main thing is when it comes down to it is that parents will remain irresponsible and when things go wrong or someone gets killed they will blame videogames just to cover up the fact they ******* up and did not keep an eye on what their children get up to.

I mean it is not hard to understand that games have certain ratings because some games are aimed at young kids, others for teenagers and others for older adult gamers (Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt, Mortal Kombat etc)

ban fans3911d ago

This is the forth "video game violence" article I have responded to today. I am amazed by the lack of responsibility that parents and politicians take for the state of our society.

I won't continue to rant on this subject, because I will just be repeating what I said in my other postings, however, I am concerned about the lack of comments being made about these so-called scientific studies.

Gamers better stand up and be noticed, otherwise we're going to get steam-rolled! It's great to be excited about the release of Killzone 2, but articles like this should be getting far more attention!

I can't think of a single public figure (politician, high-visibility lawyer, ect.) that has stood up for video games, but the number of those who are against game violence or games in general are constantly in the public eye. Jack Thompson may be an extremist moron, but he sure gets a lot of press; and that's bad for gamers. Hilary Clinton came out about being against game violence. And the list goes on.

We better acquire a voice gamers, otherwise your freedom to game could be severely impacted.

DarkSniper3911d ago

Microsoft is one of the primary advocates of bringing violence to videogame consoles. Dark $niper is here to issue facts that are irrefutable and undebatable.

1. Grand Theft Auto. Yes Dark Sniper does know it was on Sony's platform first. However, Microsoft has aggressively funded Rockstar Games to ensure that the games are ported to the XBOX and XBOX 360. The track history shows that Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto:Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas all have reached to Microsoft's platform.

Also they are ensuring that our promising youth will see extended violence with the pending release of Grand Theft Auto 4 with downloaded content.

2. Ninja Gaiden. Once again, Dark Sniper is fully aware that a Ninja Gaiden game was ported to the PLAYSTATION 3©. But with the pending sequel, Ninja Gaiden 2 shows the most gore and gives the game an uninhibited image. It's games such as these are the reason why Microsoft will be the primary company to blame once children commit terrorist acts at their high schools and colleges.

Parents I demand that you please take more awareness on the consoles you fund for your children. If you have an XBOX 360 already, please take advantage of the newly implemented montior feature to give your children a time limit on their gaming. If you have not purchased a gaming system for your child, I strongly suggest that the PLAYSTATION 3© is where you will find that your child will be most happy with.