Xbox 360 Dashboard update review (fall 2011)

If you didn't catch the hint from Redmond's Windows Phone and Windows 8 interfaces, let Xbox Live deliver the final word: Metro is Microsoft's new baby. Last year's dashboard update flirted with the new look by flattening out NXE's cascading tiles. The contemporary update keeps the Metro, but abandons NXE's crossbar-style navigation for a horizontally oriented experience. The console's various channels now headline the top of the screen, listing the familiar "games," "music" and "video" sections between the new Bing search feature and the console's settings page. A few of the channels have been renamed -- "My Xbox" is now "home" and a very Zune-esque "social" replaces "friends." Core content hasn't changed much, but the way you access it has, with yesterday's single-file tiles retired in favor of single page Metro layouts, packing more than twice as much information on screen as the previous Dashboard. Sound cluttered? It isn't. Most of the space was saved by cycling spotlight conte...

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reckoner2450d ago

Now this is a good update. Good job Microsoft.

Intentions2450d ago

I agree.

So fast and smooth. No problems at all. Except for a few which I hope they fixed. (Beta)

GanjaMan2450d ago

How do I get ahold of this update? Is it kinect only? cause I dont have kinect

SignifiedSix2450d ago

GanjaMan: It comes out tomorrow for every 360 connected to the internet. Some people got into the preview program (beta) not too long ago.

Kyur4ThePain2450d ago

"No problems at all. Except for a few...".
Thanks for the chuckle.

DlocDaBudSmoka2450d ago

how does someone review an update? aren't these mandatory? i dont have a 360 so idk.