IGN Aquatopia Impressions: It's a Fish Tank

Ryan Clements writes:

"As some of you may know, the PlayStation Eye has been seriously lacking software, although the recent Operation Creature Feature has served as a nice compliment to the more impressive Eye of Judgment. Those who are interested in expanding their PlayStation Eye experience probably noted the presence of Aquatopia, a little title that found itself nestled next to Operation Creature Feature on the PlayStation Store. We wanted to tell you a little bit about the "game," but can't quite offer you a traditional review because Aquatopia, technically, isn't a game at all. It's a screensaver."

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denied3762d ago

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Saint Sony3762d ago

No hard thing to guess who this moron with his brand new tag and account is.

denied3762d ago


Prismo_Fillusion3762d ago

Ignored for saying "u" instead of "you", being a fanboy, typing in all caps, and much much more!

Relientk773762d ago

its a beautiful designed fishtank... but idk... I wish it were free :-/

Seraphim3762d ago

free would be nice. although I don't have the eyetoy and probably never will... idk the exact details but they should have a list of fish and make it so that you can customize your tank w/ whatever fish you want. Select fish from a list and plug them into the tank. Get sick of the same old fish then freshen it up w/ some new breeds... maybe even offer multiple backdrops so it's not always the same thing.