Skyrim confusion: Best weapon for damage

Gaming In Entertainment writes: A few days ago we spoke of a bow that could inflict more than a 1000 damage, and we were amazed at how this can be done without any mods. Imagine our surprise when we came across another bow with a base damage of 700, but will reach an attack damage of more then 22,000 with some work.

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danswayuk2334d ago

When you play Skyrim for over 200 hours and are proud of a bow that does well over 150 damage, then find out this news, it blows my mind.

ricky3602334d ago

If you went out and got crazy weapons like these, would it not make the game too easy.

smithdown2334d ago

22000?!?! That is insanely over-powered, what a game-breaking piece of kit. Would be kinda fun to be able to one-shot some of the more irritating foes, but it would suck all the fun out of the game, and the temptation would always be there even if you fell back on less powerful weapons/spells. At the moment my most powerful weapon does about 40 dmg, but I rely mostly on destruction magic anyway so am not bothered about improving my weapons much.

Campy da Camper2333d ago

Sounds like we have same character builds. I use my bow quite a bit. In cqc it is awesome for sneak sniping lower level foes and at least taking a chunk off the higher ones.

Pintheshadows2334d ago

I've just stuck to an epic Skyforge Steel sword in one hand and fireball in the other with my Nightingale bow as my ranged weapon.

BongSmack2333d ago

Level 110???? Is that even possible? How long do you have to play to get to such a level? I'm only level 39, and I've easily dumped well over 100 hours into Skyrim.