The 10 Best Video Games of 2011

PC World: "So many games to choose from, so little time to play them all. So we did it for you (played them, that is), and now we're back with this year's PCWorld favorites.

Check out our rundown of 2011's best games, including our pick for Game of the Year--which, given all of the talent on deck, might surprise you."

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Ezio20482360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

though there are fantastic PC games this year, i would still stick with UC3..

NukaCola2360d ago

They are definitely picking games that are great but not in your face titles. I would add Dead Space 2 up there. The MP was 0/10, but the story is so great, probably one of the best single player experiences that I have ever played and an easy 9/10.

Also, PC World..Y U NO LUV PORTAL 2?

Perjoss2360d ago

I agree 100% with their choice of Skyrim as GotY.