IGN - Opinion: The Time for 10s

IGN - This is how it is now. Review scores for games are clustering in the high eights and nines. The titles worthy of those scores are appearing more and more frequently as developers produce an ever higher calibre of electronic entertainment.

It's true also that titles worthy of even higher scores are hitting the market more often. Thankfully, there are journos out there who are not afraid to give credit where credit's due. If necessary, they will dole out delicious dollops of double digits. They'll dig deep, take a sobering breath, and drop a 10 out of 10, if the situation calls for it. They do so knowing that a slew of criticism critics will prepare to feast.

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buddymagoo1694d ago

The guy who disagreed must have never played it. The game is just incredible. Some of the Chapters and scenes are out of this world.

Jdoki1694d ago

A well written review should leave the reader in no doubt of a titles quality (or lack of it), which should negate the need for any sort of 'score' to be tacked on the end.

Scores are pointless. They are a crutch for journalists and a tool for fanboys.

colonel1791694d ago

Games that get a 10 are not perfect, but it means that they stand out from the others.

Kratos_GodOfWar1694d ago

batman ac should be a 10 2 ign

Max Power1694d ago

I'm sorry, but is it so difficult to write out "to"? Nothing like following up a number with another unrelated number to get your point across.

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Max Power1694d ago

Regardless if I didn't used the correct form, my point remains valid.

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