German psychotherapists call for ban on violent computer games

Heise via VG Chartz - 12/03/07:

According to Elke Ostbomk-Fischer from the German Society for Scientific Person-Centred Psychotherapy (GwG), video games are "landmines for the soul." The GwG is calling for a ban on violent computer games - as the only way to "maintain the fundamental consensus of a humane society."

Ostbomk-Fischer added, "In the past few years, the exposure of young people to dangerous media has reached such a shocking level that politicians need to act immediately before an entire generation of children and adolescents are taken in by this whirlwind of violence."

[ Note: The source is in English ]

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tonsoffun3879d ago

Dear god, it had to have come from the germans:

Look, you made some mistakes in the past, we understand, we forgive you, you do not have to try and redeem yourselves by trying to save the world.

If parents pulled the finger out and took an interest in what thier children were playing, they would realise that much of the stuff the are playing is totally unsuitable for them.

Children should not be playing violent videogames, you would'nt buy you 10 year old kid p0rn, so why wold you buy them something that is just as unsuitable.

Ghoul3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

this womoan doesnt represent germans in general, i am a german and im in the gamesindustry and i never heard of that person before so she actual IS very uninteresting and is just calling for attention with that quote

ShiftyLookingCow3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

haha I watched some youtube videos the ignorance is quite hilarious(World of Warcraft is all about WWII!). Germany has it own share of mentally challenged wackjobs.

Relientk773879d ago

how bout

I CALL FOR A BAN .. on ppl who keep trying to ban video games

MK_Red3879d ago

Hope someone sacks all these game haters.

Noodlecup3879d ago

Nazis were to blame in WWII, not everyday Germans. You'll find there are probably more Nazis today in America than anywhere else in the world, don't be such a racist idiot, different countries have different rules. Where the government tapping someones phone in America is perfectly legal, it is illegal in other countries, same goes for the sale of violent videogames.

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The story is too old to be commented.