Incredible PlayStation 4 Concept Designs

Many PlayStation 4 designs continue to surface on the web, and while some of these concepts are not up to anticipated PS4 standards, many of them are not only believable, they are so well designed that we could only hope that Sony takes a good look at these and implements some of the better ideas. Check out the best PlayStation 4 concept designs we have seen to date.

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Chupa-Chupa2446d ago

I sure hope the PS4 doesn't come out soon. The PS3 has so much left in it IMO.

CynicalVision2446d ago

I don't know, it's starting to show it's age in terms of hardware. Either way, I'm sure Sony will continue to support the PS3 long after the PS4 is released.

Best of both worlds then. :)

xtremexx2446d ago

-__- really? havent we done this enough?

MasterCornholio2446d ago

Return of the batarang!!!!!!!!


IRetrouk2446d ago

i am one of the few that was actually looking forward to the original ps3 controllers, if people had got past the look they wouldve seen that the controller was designed around the natural resting position of your hands, i think it wouldve felt good.

Shang-Long2446d ago

They should just release it. I bet it will sell a lot

MasterCornholio2445d ago

They should have bundled it with the collectors edition if arkham city.


Pillville2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

This is hardware's equivalent of fan-fiction....and just as stupid.

Here's my PS4 Concept:

| -----------_______|

it has just as much chance to look like the actual PS4 as any of those designs.

Blackdeath_6632446d ago

not really the one with orange background looks sensible and promising and actually quite good

Speakersgoinghammer2446d ago

Just put that contoller to rest already! No one wants to play games with that thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.