Top Myths About Multiplayer Skills

There are tons myths that surround the multiplayer gaming world. What does it take to become a top multiplayer gamer? How do you know if you are facing the deadliest sniper in online gaming history or just someone that has a winning streak today? And why would any of this matter anyway?

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zeal0us2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

They forgot "Higher Rank or Level=/=Better Player" Back when I was playing COD, there would be some lvl50+ people that was horrible compared to the lower rank guys.

coolbeans2418d ago

Even worse: It seems that some people completely disregard the fact that you may have played earlier entries into the series and recently picked up this game, thus the lower rank. Can't imagine how many times I'll keep getting flamed for going 10/0 K/D for a match on Gears 3 (once in a blue moon), despite reminding them that I've had ample amount of pratice in 1+2.

Jocosta2418d ago

My KD is embarassing in Gears, but I recently got better because I turned the sensitivity down on the controller. That, and I need to stop playing King of the Hill so much.

kneon2418d ago

The problem is that even if you suck you can eventually reach the top rank in most games, it just takes longer.

They could fix this by taking away points every time you die, thus preventing the idiots that just pray and spray hoping to get a few kills before they die. And to take the focus off K/D you can assign far more points for completing team objectives than you get for kills.

fr00ty-wizenhymer2418d ago

All multiplayer games need to just show overall points on the scoreboard.