Wish List 2008: What Game Informer Wants from Sony

What would Game Informer like to see from Sony in 2008? Frankly, a lot. In the age of online connectivity and gaming, Sony seems to be lagging behind in a few key areas. While its online features are available out of the box at no cost to users, the old "You get what you pay for," saying applies in a lot of disappointing ways. Fortunately, things are looking up for PlayStation 3 owners, with a host of new things heading their way in 2008. Here's Game Informer's wish list for 2008, in no particular order.

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Meus Renaissance3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Some of these things are stupid, especially in relation to the XMB. There is no auto installer because when you're downloading a game, you could be playing another game. If the thing auto installed, it would take you out of the game and currently there is no way of any console to download/and install a firmware update whilst you're browsing your dashboard or XMB.

Although the option to have that would be a welcome, it shouldnt be singled out as criticism when its not a problem unique to the PS3.

N4GayFanturds3882d ago

360 auto installs, while you play games, etc.

to4073882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Im sure it can be incorporated on the ps3 interface,(not praising Xboxlive in any way), I urge other xbox live users to correct me if i'm wrong on this one.
-There is an auto installer on the xboxlive interface whereby you select/download and stack up/install any game, demo or what have you in the background while you play other games, providing you are not playing online.It will automactically download/install them whilst you are playing a game.

- If you are playing online the downloads will be paused temporarily without taking you out of the game.
if it can be done on 360, I'm sure the Ps3 should more than capable of incorporating this feature.

BloodySinner3882d ago

... shows how much you know, Meus.

Raiyel3882d ago

i may be a complete idiot but is it just me or is there something up with the xmb here... can you actually customize it like this or is this a hope for the future!?!?!?!?

Biphter3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

The Xbox 360 CAN auto install whilst playing a game, and it does it all without any intervention. Once the info comes up of the download being complete the game or demo is instantly ready to play (It will inform whilst your playing a game too, so you can easily quit out and play the download if you wish). Its a feature (amongst some others) that I miss on the PS3. I agree with most of this article, but its not things that are VASTLY important (maybe only in game XMB for now). But its those small things that all add up. I think Sony will get them all sorted one day, its just a shame they are all "features" it should have had out the box in Nov 2006.

I still enjoy the hell out of my PS3, the one thing it has over Xbox 360 online is SPEED, for some reason, lag is very little on PSN compared to Xbox live, its probably because Sony use dedicated servers PER GAME rather than unified ones. The online interfacing might be a little "PCish" on the PS3, but you can't knock the speeds.

Jen5en3881d ago

The reason there is not auto-installer is because an update replaces the entire OS. That's why it takes forever to download, however, it also makes it almost impossible to chip or hack the OS of the PS3, since your hack or chip will only work on the PS3 for a couple of months, until Sony releases a new version. I personally like it that way...

zPlayer3881d ago

i'm pretty certain that they mean auto install updates. in regards to installing games? the PS3 is totally capable to install while your playing another. its not now, because of the firmware but thats why its called a wish list. for updates then you would need to make the agreement of course, but other than that it could do just about anything you want it to.

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kalistyles3882d ago

is what I mostly want. I'm surprised that wasn't available for 2.0. Hopefully we see it soon.

N4GayFanturds3882d ago

Drop that Sony ZERO & get with the 360 HERO! lol

The roof...the roof...the roof is on Fire!
We don't need no PSN let that Muddachukka BURN!

Burn down Babylon!

And now please help the fire by donating your disagrees below. ; P

rofldings3882d ago

The only thing that's burning is your 360 in a pool of RRoD.

zPlayer3881d ago

that was very pathetic. =/

sonarus3882d ago

auto install is needed. xbox does it so shouldnt be a problem for ps3 should be able to do background install jst like it does background dwnload. What i really want for xmas however is home. I hope it wrks out well and i hope i can launce directly into home when i power up my ps3

jinn3882d ago

their virginity. lol

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