Skyrim Easter Egg: Invisible Dawnstar Treasure Chest With Infinite Items

Pinoytutorial: Here's a cool Skyrim easter egg recently found by players showing how to locate an invisible treasure chest in Dawnstar, containing more than a hundred of free items. The cool part? It refills itself after a few hours of waiting inside the game.

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Neko_Mega2449d ago

lol funny, I wish the glitch with OI book wasn't fix.

popup2449d ago

That book upgrade/skill/level glitch does still exist and works with 1.2 on my PS3.

norman292449d ago

Yeah its still there with the new patch, also its easier todo it with a chest and not a bookshelf (as for me the bookshelves glitched out as soon as i removed anything from it, i could no longer click them) i got to the max lvl with it which for some strange reason is 81.5

Neko_Mega2449d ago

P.S. Don't see it on PS3.

NoOoB1012449d ago

i found it on ps3. nothing that great though. lvl 31 btw. was hoping for some ebony items =/

retrofly2449d ago

It's like a cheat box for admin/reviewers to use to get people started quickly/test stuff etc.

Maybe they accidently left it in, or maybe it was on Purpose.

Laxman2449d ago

How do you know that? My colleague who recieved an early review copy of the game was never informed of this chest to get started/test it quickly.

retrofly2449d ago

Should have put a ? at the end :)

Laxman2449d ago

Oh haha, I get ya man. Does seem almost acidental though, doesnt it? I mean, Bethesda are known for strange elaborate easter-eggs and secrets, but this is a just insane.

OSIRUSSS2449d ago

I thought the Easter egg was a framerate slide show?

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