Blu-ray players reach 2.7 million units sold

The Blu-ray Disc Assn. is touting a new milestone passed over the Black Friday shopping period, noting that player sales since launch reached 2.7 million units through Nov. 24.

Like the HD DVD camp's recent claims, the figure encompasses both Blu-ray-capable gaming devices and Blu-ray set-top players.

Through October, there had been 2 million units sold of the Blu-ray-enhanced PlayStation 3. That arguably gives Blu-ray set-tops a 700,000 piece of overall format unit sales. But the picture is muddied somewhat by the likely gangbuster PlayStation 3 sales in November due to the introduction of the relatively cheap $399 PlayStation 3. November console sales will not be available from the NPD Group until mid-December.

It's tough to calculate specific gains for Blu-ray set-tops, as many of the manufacturers have not released sales information on their players to this point.

Still, the 2.7 million sold is a clear achievement over the HD DVD side, which pushed its installment base to 750,000 units following widespread holiday retail sales, notably including $99-priced players at Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

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aiphanes3884d ago

2.7 million units...You can not count out the is the best bluray player so it has to be counted. Sony was very smart in putting in the bluray into the PS3..

ruibing3884d ago

It was a risky move for them, but it seems like its finally starting to pay off for them and us owners couldn't be happier.

PS3PCFTW3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

exactly.........innovators take risks. the fruits of success are evident.

this war is over, family oriented movies for this holiday season will seal the deal and increase the gap between the 2 formats.

i never doubted this, the whole strategy by sony was evident from the get go.

as far as gaming goes, its progressing as well.

all the tools that 1st party devs and exclusive contracted studios master will start to be shared with other less fortunate to understand the ps3 hardware.

sony has all systems on go right now...........lets not forget that ps3 is at 1 year 1 month old. ps2 and ps1 shared the same footprint ...ill remind you guys that sony was heavily involved in the cd and dvd format as well.

history repeats itself, like naturals disasters, DEATH,and WAR.
its inevitable

mikeslemonade3883d ago

PS3 in North America has sold 2.6 million, so together it would be 3.3 million units of blu-ray capable machines. HD-DVD has only sold 750,000 capable units. This is just in america and worldwide is even more lop sided in favor of blu-ray.

Relientk773884d ago

blue-ray is sick...

its better graphics, more space

its just better

Antan3884d ago

"its better graphics"


Grassroots3883d ago

haha my man meant picture quality... SUPERBAD tomorrow!!! Reviews have been stellar so far.

Jdash243884d ago

2.7NA+Europe+Japan+6 million ps3s= Blu Ray FTMFW!

Hydrollex3884d ago

It will increase in next year. I expect 20 mill

EZCheez3884d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

The 2.7 million Blu-Ray players mentioned include PS3's because this is NA only.

So it's not 9 million total.

I know people are disagreeing but honestly, just read the freaking article. Is this what it's like being on the other side? You guys must forget i'm actually a PS3 fan.

Hydroplex, read the article again. That also goes for whoever disagreed.

Danja3884d ago

DAMN..lets see how the HD-DVD damage control group can twist the story around....

Blu-Ray FTW...!!!

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