Parents pay £2,260 ($4,700) to have a Wii

Parents are paying up to 12 times the normal price for Christmas must-have, the Nintendo Wii.

The £179.99 consoles, sold out in most high street shops, are fetching four-figure sums online.

And a net auction seller sold one at the weekend for £2,259.99.

Woolworths and Game are now only selling the motion-sensitive machines in bundles with games and controllers – at double the console's price.

Sally Hughes, 37, of Hastings, East Sussex, said: "My kids have their hearts set on a Wii. I may not have any choice but to pay hundreds of pounds over the odds."

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smoothdude3943d ago

This was a brilliant idea, now they have just saved themselves all that money by not having to buy an HDTV. Wish I would have thought of that. LoL

ruibing3943d ago

Jeez my friend at UMass just sold his with four controllers to someone on campus for $380, he could have made a killing if he sold it to these people. There goes the kids' college funds...

actas1233943d ago

This is not correct. The writer of the article relied on auction ending prices to conclude that parents spent up to 4700 dollars. I used to sell laptops and video game consoles on ebay and overstock and whenever a product bidding price crossed a certain line I knew it was Nigerians bidding in order to scam me. I had an acer laptop, I put it for sale on ebay.. the bidding reached 5000 dollars.. I was not so excited I knew it was fake.. because the laptop costs at most 700 dollars from anywhere... I tried to sell it again and again it reached 5000 dollars... I tried 5 times (around 1 month) and everytime it sells the winner is a scammer.. Fianlly I decided to sell it at fixed price.. The same thing with PS3 when they came out.. most of the ones that reached above 1000 dollars were won by nigerian scammers, and the sellers had to relist them again. The same thing is happening right now with the wii's the highest is probably 400 dollars for the bare console... above that is probably scammers.

aiphanes3943d ago

The wii is not workth that kind of money...there are no games to justify this kind of price!

actas1233943d ago

what do u mean by no games to justify this kind of price. I think there is no reason what so ever that justifies this kind of price. The article relied on an unreliable source of information.. so the price is not correct... its not selling for 4700 dollars and it will never sell for that much.. You might think that super rich people would spend that much on a wii because they are not available but I say rich ones are the ones that get whatever they want before the rest of the people.

Relientk773943d ago

even tho i totally 100% disagree with their decision to spend $4,700 on a video game system ... i admire the parents for buying what the kid(s) want for christmas

even tho its completely insane and nuts

sketchy2k3943d ago

I think the Wii is great but that's why i purchased it months and months ago, before the ridiculous hype. This kind of statement is worrying due to the fact that people/companies will abuse consumers if they are this misguided. I hope little johnny gets his ferrari next christmas that he "has his heart set on". My friends who have kids, equally keen to get a wii, have just placated them by saying that they will get one after christmas, whenever the demand slows and prices drop accordingly. Paying that sort of money, you can afford to get them a 'gap present' - and quite a good one if you're in this position. That is of course if you have an ounce of control over the little tykes.....

Led Zeppelin3943d ago

Some kids are so spoiled it goes beyond belief...

ThisIsWaiting3943d ago

... let alone that much $.

Chubear3943d ago

and that's the crazy thing!

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