Why Is Videogame Wildlife So Hostile?

Ever Wondered Why Videogame Wildlife Is So Violent? Read On To Find Out.

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masterabbott2329d ago

I think they so violent because we dont feed them. There is never an option to feed or pat the wildlife.. developers out there listen to us ... remove the DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS Signs and replace it with feed the animals and all should go back to normal.

discordman2329d ago

Ha. Yeah. If you play kiddie games. Call of Duty is a man's game. Be a man.

thekiddfran2329d ago

@discordman Are you actually serious? COD is a mans game?.....grow up. Dark souls is a mans game.

futurefrog2329d ago

Pikachu looks cute with a gun. I'd like to give him some machine gun fellatio.