UZW review // Uncharted 3

Unlimited Zig Works writes: "Two flashback levels show us how Nathan Drake — then a middle-eastern street urchin — met his long-time friend Sully. This section concludes with a frantic chase across the rooftops as young Nathan escapes with his stolen treasure from a mobster organization. The chase scene is so expertly scripted that it gives the illusion of control while maintaining tension, even though you really can’t do anything except run and jump along a pre-defined path."

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kneon2449d ago

Apparently the author is geographically challenged. What is a "middle-eastern street urchin" doing in Cartagena Columbia?

PCRockStar2449d ago

He just got the game from Red Box.....poor bastard! Everyone has a gaming review site these days.

fei-hung2449d ago

Let me get this right. 1st the reviewer reviewed reviewers, then reviewing and then the readers and then the game and managed to fail at pretty much all of it.

To save people time, the author more or less says Uncharted 3 is not so epic as much as it is lame with only one part of the game being actually a game (the pirate section). The game is designed for babies due to checkpoints and its easy difficulty level.

There is no mention of presentation, gameplay, cinematics, story telling, sound or multiplayer. Feels more like a whinging than a review.

I give this review and reviewer a pair of used diapers out of 10 since that is all it is worth.