4 things to love and 3 things to hate about the new Xbox 360 dashboard

Microsoft's new 360 dashboard overhauls the system's entire look and feel. Many of the new features are useful and necessary, but this wouldn't be a true Microsoft update without a few things going wrong.

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THR1LLHOUSE2448d ago

Man, I just bought a Kinect and i was hoping this Update would make the voice commands and stuff work better.

gamingdroid2448d ago

If you find the voice command doesn't work very well, you might want to try re-calibrating it. That said, mine seems to work flawlessly except when Kinect can't hear me.

darthv722448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

i'd say the only thing to hate is no more simplicity on the game marketplace. From what has been shown, you either need to know the name or the genre. I like the current way of you can look at all the newest stuff or look at each section for demos, indie, games on demand and arcade.

If they removed those 4 basic areas of interest in favor of putting it all on the table then I dont know if i could get used to that. Im sure I could but after being able to go into the area of interest so easily the last couple of years just seems like a step back.

Bing...not as bad as people want to believe and currently I use bing for searching on my PC because they have a rewards program. I can trade my bing point for live points. Searching the internet and get MS points for doing do. I got no complaints.

THR1LLHOUSE2448d ago

The Kinect can hear my girlfriend fine, but it doesn't listen to anything I say.

I think it doesn't like me...

Also, I can see it watching me even when the Xbox isn't on, and last night somebody cut the brakes on my car.

greatjimbo782447d ago


Maybe it's after your girlfriend and is trying to get rid of you.

dcortz20272448d ago

How many dashboard updates has Microsoft had? LOL ridiculous..

fooxy2448d ago

So 3-4 major GUI changes are 2 many since launch ? Have you ever had any interactions with PS3 sir ? They have updates every month :P

xPhearR3dx2448d ago


The UI on the PS3 hasn't changed since it launched 5 years ago. They added new things, but it's still the same old, same old. I like having a new UI every couple of years, keeps things fresh.

Sillyace922448d ago

How many firmware updates has Sony had? LOL ridiculous..

kaveti66162448d ago

"You can't count to 4?"


PetitPiPi2448d ago

OMG that was funny Caligula!! /s

Corepred42448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

As many as the number of games worth buying exclusively on the system this year, lol.

Muffins12232448d ago

I dont know if these guys are trying to compliment this by saying Microsoft cares about the appeal of the xbox or is a insult somehow0_o

Rageanitus2447d ago

PS3 may have much more interface changes.... but it has been much more consistant that xbox. The feel of the Xmb has always been the same FEEL.

JellyJelly2447d ago

At least they do something. How many useless firmware updates and patches has the PS3 had? Probably more than you can count.

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evilunklebud2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

It is time for an XMB update too.

This 360 update actually looks kind of cool.

Man City, baby!

Kran2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Ummm... this would be 3 updates in 2 years?


The minor ones to fit stuff don't count, because Sony get that on the PS3 too.

videoxgamexfanboy2448d ago

How is changing up the dashboard from time to time ridiculous? Sounds like u own a certain system who doesnt recieve dashboard updates...salty are we?

Kran2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

And on the other hand, changing YouTube every 3 months...

Now THAT is something to complain about.

TheBrit2448d ago

The Dashboard updates are always very significant, introduce/open up many new changes etc.

How is it different from logging into your ps3 all the time and finding out you have to screw around waiting for an update that's usually slower than heck over wireless???

banner2447d ago

Tell me about it! By the time it's done downloading then uploading I don't even feel like playing.

Ps3 updates is like waiting for baby turtle to cross a wide road.

SkylineR2447d ago

This update is pretty good. At least Microsoft didn't just slap a "4.0" at the end of Firmware...

BitbyDeath2447d ago

I'd prefer if the PS3 had more major updates to the firmware. Memory seems to be an issue though, can't wait for the next consoles to fix all that.

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NagaSotuva2448d ago

Bing is stupid, and this Xbox 360 dashboard update proves it.

darthv722448d ago

so unless you think google is stupid too....

TheBrit2448d ago

I like bing search - between my wife and I we have not bought Microsoft points in over 4 months because of bing search.

just depends on your preferences, I use Google and bing.

RedDevils2447d ago

Bing is good for porn lol

ShadowPraxis2448d ago

Yeah the Bing search... not looking so hot. Why do people still seem to think they have a chance in hell of competing with Google?

Some of the other things look pretty neat though.

Kran2448d ago

Bing & Decide if its really derp ;P

Yeah... its derp. :D

kaveti66162448d ago

Having read your comment, I went and checked out Bing (for the first time ever), and I don't really see what's so wrong with it. It seems a lot like Google, except for the background image.

Sadie21002448d ago

Yeah, but would you ever use it over Google?

B1663r2448d ago


I use google whenever I want my search results corrupted by SEO spammers. Which is to say, not at all.

vishant1012448d ago

the reason i use google is because google came first theres not much difference between the two but for people who will start using the internet in the future might choose bing over google as they have no loyalty to who came first as both were there from the beginning fro them

kaveti66162448d ago

Basically what Vishant said.

I'm not going to use Bing over Google because I've been conditioned to use Google and also because my web browser is Google Chrome and my homepage is Google.

But even Google couldn't get me off of Facebook. I tried using Google+ for a bit but because few of my friends switched over I stayed with Facebook.

Conclusion. There really isn't anything wrong with Bing. It's about the same as Google is and from now on I'm going to perceive most criticism against Bing as coming from irrational loyalty or hatred.

2448d ago
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