EA: We're Ready for Activision Blizzard

EA, which made its own earth-shattering business deal earlier this year with the acquisition of super-developer BioWare/Pandemic, said in an e-mail Monday it's ready for more intense competition from newly-formed company Activision Blizzard.

"…We're always at our best when we have a clearly defined competitor," said an EA rep. "[The Activision/Vivendi merger] doesn't change our strategy. Our CEO John Riccitiello has been encouraging senior managers to think of all other publishers as one large competitor -- he's been encouraging them to think like challengers."

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Bonsai12143879d ago

i like your choice of a picture.. haha

and of course EA is ready, EA has a much broader market impact, where Blizzard and Activision both catered to smaller fanbases. its like if all the japanese automakers merged together and took on Porsche and Aston Martin. it doesn't matter the quality of the cars, just that they can crap out low quality ones that people will buy.

crazy250003879d ago

lol w0w, cant wait to see this...........i hope he means better quality and gameplay

Hydrollex3879d ago

They make good games on PC but not good on consoles.

Primetimebt3879d ago

Why doesn't EA worry about how to make a good console game before they worry about Activision.

Rice3879d ago

Your ready for Activisin and Blizzard...
But how come your never ready to develop for the ps3!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.