The Darkness II - Why It Will Be Better - writes: When 'The Darkness II' launches in early 2012, it will have been five years since Jackie Estacado's first interaction with a primal force of creation and chaos, aptly named 'the darkness'. The evil force, passed down through the Esracado family for generations, transformed Jackie into a merciless beast, hell-bent on sacrifice and hardship. The game has since changed developers, with Starbreeze passing the duties onto Digital Extremes, a company intent on offering a re-imagination of the comic-to-game adaptation.

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_LarZen_2445d ago

I wil not be suprised if this game wil be crap.

Camb316912445d ago

I actually enjoyed the first one. IT wasnt the best game but it was intriguing and I liked the story. For a sequel the developers would have to change some stuff but I'm hoping this new one will be awesome.

Kakihara2445d ago

It should probably be a small thing but the glowing orbs that fly out of dead enemies might be a deal breaker for me. The first game was brilliant because of the incredible immersion factor, you really felt like you were living the story. The addition of glowing health orbs flying at you every second and (if I remember correctly) pop score indicators after special kills might have been good for a crazy arcade adventure like Borderlands but they're so out of place in The darkness I don't think I can get around it. It'd be like David Cage popping up in the corner of Heavy Rain 2 and shouting 'Toasty' every time you pull off a difficult sequence.