Interplay gets last word in pretrial motions in Bethesda vs. Interplay Fallout: Online case

Interplay has managed to submit one last supporting argument before today's (Dec. 5) court hearing. They take issue mainly with Bethesda's expert witness, claiming that his testimony is irrelevant and useless and that Bethesda refused to allow Interplay to depose him in violation of court rules. Duck and Cover has the whole story.

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2448d ago
fei-hung2447d ago

Not so good at law and all the legal Jargon. Can someone break it down and explain what it would mean for us gamers if Interplay won?

Dark_Overlord2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

The original contract becomes null and void, and Interplay get the fallout license back. Bethesda would still have the rights to produce 1 more Fallout game (Due to pre existing contract). Bethesda would also have to pay 16% (I think) of all profits made off FO3 and FONV to Interplay

Thats the short version :)

fei-hung2447d ago

Bubbles for being helpful.

Should be interesting. 16% is a lot of Moola. Wonder if someone at Bethesda will get the sack if they don't win the case.

boommuffin2447d ago

If interplay does win then Bethesda will only be able to develop one more Fallout game & interplay will own all rights to Fallout again

sonicsidewinder2447d ago

I wanna see this, 'Law and Order' style.

DeathAvengers2447d ago

Didn't really enjoy the original fallouts, pretty sad they're getting the rights again.