Battlefield 3 One Hit Body Kills With Bolt-Actions Up Close May be Patched In and More

MP1st - It looks like bolt-action sniper rifles could be seeing a radical change in the near future.

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Hufandpuf2366d ago

I preferred the one hit kill from bfbc2 but I'm a little undecided on the bf3 sniper rifles.

Mister_V2366d ago

I think I'm with you there. It's not even the I "preferred" it, it just never bothered me.

Criminal2366d ago

I agree, BFBC2 balanced snipers better.

fooxy2366d ago

O yeah, it was so balanced you had 3/4 of a team just sitting and sniping on rush as attackers for the whole round :D

Criminal2366d ago

The players abused it, but on paper the damage levels were balanced.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2366d ago

They should fix it. But i'm not really complaining I don't snipe cause I find myself getting more kills and helping my team more on the field. Hey at least this game is more balanced than BfBc2, remember M60 snipers? Overpowered.

calibann2365d ago

Yeah xX-StolenSoul-Xx I wish it was like real life where people take more than one m60 shot to the chest without flinching.

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MerkinMax2366d ago

Sgt Enigma will be pleased.

Criminal2366d ago

Indeed! He's a great player. I miss his BFBC2 montages. For those who haven't heard of Enigma I attached a video below.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2366d ago

thanks for sharing the clip, its pretty good.

TheFreak2366d ago

Thanks for the video I am now hooked on his videos. Some crazy skills that guy has awesome.

torchic2366d ago

yes! my SV98 will be very pleased!

swishersweets200312366d ago

i'll be very pissed if this game turns into what bc2 turned into alot of times.. never ending snipers.

Mister_V2365d ago

They would only increase damage at close range, so at least it promotes recon players to move up and play WITH the squad, rather than camp in their spawn.

swishersweets200312365d ago

if you seen some of the nerfs that are going on you too would question dice's motivation on the game.