The PS Vita should have had internal storage

PSX-Sense writes about the fact that memory card issues could have been resolved, by just adding internal storage.

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a_bro2446d ago

then the price would of been up up up. Flash storage is better, it gives you a choice.

smashcrashbash2446d ago

Exactly what I have been saying. Everyone always wants something in a device but still expect it to be for pocket change. If Sony had included a 32 GB internal drive for storage would you pay the extra money for it?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2446d ago

Internal is not good in my opinions. I like choices aswell. This is a problem I had when buying my Ipod Touch, i was looking at the prices and thought I don't need the extra space at the moment but if i want to upgrade I'll have to pay for a brand new Ipod instead.
It's a big issue, Flash Storage is much better.

decrypt2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Sony would do no such thing. Why miss out on an opportunity to make money on memory cards. If they included even 4 gigs of storage then most people will not be buying memory cards, hence the trick is to delude the people into thinking the hardware only costs 250usd, console makers are very good at such crap.

Aside the few hardcore gamers no one will know that a memory card is required for some games and when people learn of it most of the time it will be to late.

Sony is relying on the element of surprise to trick the customer into getting a Vita thinking its reasonabally priced, later on the customer will get milked on the accessories. Its how a console makers business model works.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2446d ago

why is onboard storage a bad thing? they could have included a couple of gb's of internal storage and still used the memory cards. I would have paid a little bit more for the convenience factor.

They could have included both. the ability to use the flash cards and a modest internal hardrive. for all you saying that it will drive up price, what in the hell do you think you are going to have to do with the flash cards??? Your ass is gonna have to buy it one way or another, now I just have to spend money to buy a tiny flash drive which can easily be lost/broken in order to swap games/movies/music/apps etc instead of it being include in the device to begin with...

One way or another you are going to be paying for storage, why in the hell would you want to make it more difficult and probably costly in the long term to use flash based memory only?

MaxXAttaxX2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

There's a reason why I use cards for my digital cameras as well.

The difference between an 8GB and 16GB iPhone(or 16 to 32GB iPhone) is $100.
Vita cards are cheaper than that.

So, choice is good.
BESIDES, you don't need a large capacity memory card(16 or 32GB) UNLESS you're downloading everything. In which case, games will be 40% cheaper.
BUT if you're buying your games retail(like I'm planning on doing), then you don't need any more than a 4GB card for save files and updates.

NEW-AGE2445d ago

A 32 GB internal wifi only for $300, and a 16 GB internal with 3G & Wifi for $325

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Dante1122446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

@ a_bro

Yeah, instead of $250 it would have been $350.

GirlyGamer2446d ago

wow... conspiracy theory much?

Razongunz2446d ago

Repplying to the uncharted needing a card to save topic:

yes the cards where abit to expensive.. i hope for the sake of the US ppl that they will get it abit cheaper, here in norway it doesnt really matter much to me, because what we get here in norway..stuff we buy and the currency we use is on pair with japanese prices.. so the japanese prices are about the same for us here in for me 120 dollars for a 32 gig card is normal..atleast for the hugh preformance ones.

Beetey2446d ago

Or, they could have simply made the memory cards a bit cheaper.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

from what I've read in a few articles the prices are like that to get money that they are losing for each Vita Sold.
Still i do agree. prices are way to high.

golsilva2446d ago

a new rumor is going on that one reason why the memory cards are expensive is because sony wants to sell games on the psn up to 40% cheaper than their retail counterpart. Hence they have a high memory card price presumably so that the retailers get a bigger cut and they dont get angry for digitals titles being cheaper.

Beetey2446d ago

I hate to get my hopes up until I hear it directly from Sony but I personally would be fine with the prices of the cards if I could get a 40% discount on digital games.

ipadsense2446d ago

Good piece, it indeed is not able to do the stuff as advertised sold as it is. U need storage to actually make use out of ur vita. 4gb internal memory would habe solved alot

dcortz20272446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

No thanks, I like having choices. Plus, do people really think that internal storage would be cheap? Ha!

eraursls842446d ago

What does internal memory change about choices, except for possibly giving you more choices? They wouldn't have to make them with 32 gb, just make it with 512 mb-1 gb for game saves/firmware upgrades only. That way no one would be caught off guard not able to play the new game they just picked up, you wouldn't be able to buy DLC or digital games without a card but you could play any game bought at a retail store.

Kamikaze1352446d ago

Then it would have been more expensive! though we're being forced to buy memory cards so is the price REALLY $250? Nope. Not unless you don't plan on saving your games.

MasterCornholio2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Now you are just trolling or just misinformed and I can prove it. You claim that Sony is forcing you to buy memory cards otherwise you won't be able to save your games.

Your statement is false.

The memory cards are completely optional no one is putting a gun to your head to buy them. Then you claim that you can't save on any Vita games without it. That is also a lie because 90% of Vita games will allow you to save on them. Now I am going to teach you on how to turn your false statement which will be perceived as trolling into a true one.

Sony isn't forcing you to buy the memory cards but you need it to save some Vita games. If your interested in any games that require a memory card you will have to drop at least 25 euros for the card.

See how its easy to make a true statement without trolling?

I hope you learnt a lesson and I was happy to help.


Kamikaze1352445d ago

Yeah because if I want to buy a certain game and I absolutely need a memory card to save, I should wait till I have a gun pointed to my head before I feel the need to buy one, right? I'll be forced to buy one because I want to play said game. Also, at this day and age, it should include internal memory.

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