OXCGN’s Rabbids: Alive & Kicking Review


"A Rabbids mini-game collection on Kinect is so obvious it’s a wonder Ubisoft didn’t push for it as a launch title over a year ago, much the way Rayman Raving Rabbids was a close-to-launch release for the 360 console.

The manic, beady-eyed, near-toothless little creatures and their WarioWare-like party games were decent fun back in 2006, so it makes sense for a similar Kinect offering to be an even more enjoyable experience?

Right? Not quite, it seems."

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gaminoz2452d ago

Kinect shovelware? Who would have thought...

BadCircuit2452d ago

I thought the way this was promoted that they would have put more effort into it?

It's a shame. Oh well Sesame Street was better than anyone thought so there you go.