The BITT — Kristen Perez Interview

I got a chance to sit down with Kristen Perez from and chat up everything on video games. We talked about everything involving her breakout into the industry as well as her opinions on the gaming industry as a whole. From humble beginnings, to smashing out into the industry, me and Kristen tackle the hard and most interesting questions about her career. Be sure to check out all three parts of the interview as well as her website Don’t forget to follow her on twitter as well as like her on Facebook and Youtube. Time to bring the EPICness with Kristen Perez, it’s time to get down on THE BITT.

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redd0r2300d ago

That thumbnail is evil. It made her look hot until I clicked it and saw the bigger version :(

Pozzle2300d ago

I think it's just an awkward angle. She doesn't look too bad in the pics at the source.

rataranian2300d ago

That's as good as a "gamer girl" gets guys. Don't hold your breath.

Persistantthug2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

There's that Hispanic chic that hangs out with HipHopGamer.....she's pretty cute. I understand that she's a flash game developer.

Also there's that white chick, Andrea Renee....she's cute too. She seems legit.

Venomousfatman2299d ago

He means May The Gamer Goddess. And also Andrea Rene.