Destructoid review: Pain

Take a bunch of plywood that's lying around, along with an impossibly large piece of industrial rubber, and build a slingshot of epic proportions, right in the middle of a city. Now that you've got this instrument of destruction in your possession, what do you do with it? Why, fling yourself into every window, person, and giant donut in the city!

Pain is the latest release on the PSN, focusing on destroying as much of the city as you feasibly can with your body. Much like Burnout's crash mode, your goal is to cause massive amounts of damage in a single go, twitching your body into the way of harm once you've bashed your body into the nearest object.

Does Pain deliver, or are you just left holding your nuts in agony the whole way through?

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GIJeff3878d ago

is very fun. I love launching on top of the hotel and grabbing that chick in the head. Oh, and BTW, if you take off some letters of the "Hotel Coral Essex" you can spell "Hot Oral Sex"

Rice3878d ago

pretty sick

Korosuke3878d ago

umm, I want pain. when will pain be released worldwide?