Ninja Gaiden 2 scans

Some new images of Ninja Gaiden 2 from the Japanese magazine Famitsu.

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Mr_Kuwabara3884d ago

The graphics don't impress me that much if you compare them to Black or Sigma since there isn't THAT much of a difference to begin with but overall the gameplay looks to be tight!

sonarus3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

lol why am i not suprised your siked for this game. The lighting in ninja gaiden sigma is greatly improved from sigma at least from what i have seen before but this is what is expected it has to look better than it did on xbox but if the only major improvement are lightin then its gonna be like how halo 3 looked like halo 2 but with improved lighting. I never played any ninja gaiden's befor sigma but overall the graphics are pretty similar i would expect a bit more of an improvement. I will be getting ninja gaiden 2 another game to look forward to on 360. However graphical improvement between sigma and ninja gaiden 2 is minimal. If the graphics were greatly improved i wouldnt have to put it on tab and flip back really quick to notice a diff

dhammalama3884d ago

Your comparison only showed me how close the two really are.

power of Green 3884d ago

Put both the second pic for NG2 and Sigma on tab and switch back and forth they barley seem like they're from the same generation and NG2 isn't even done.

Remember the Previewers have said the pics don't do NGS2 justice you have to see the HDR and other effects in motion to get/see most of whats been added.

nobizlikesnowbiz3884d ago

Have to agree.

NGS looks like an Xbox game, while NG2 looks sharper with better lighting and effects.

sonarus3884d ago

if all ninja gaiden 2 is adding is lighting and effects i wonder how ngs looks like a xbox game

sonarus3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

screenshots can be made to look way better than they really are. Just watch the gameplay videos. The 1st is sigma the 2nd is gaiden 2. You can tab em and flip back and forth really fast if you like lol

I actually wanna see ur response to this power of green i knw you will come up with a convincing argument. Don't dissapoint me lol.
Haha bring on the disagrees you always know when ur right when ppl disagree with you for no reason

turbogeek3884d ago

why don't the gameplay vids look as good as the screens? epic fail and typical of Team Ninja, giving out bullshots

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The story is too old to be commented.