Xenoblade's NA Release Is A Victory For Gamers "Late last week, Nintendo announced the North American release of Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. Released in Europe in August to incredible acclaim -- it earned a 92 Metacritic -- it was best known in the U.S. for being the reason that many broke down and hacked their Wiis to play import games."

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ShawnCollier2388d ago

Hopefully TLS and PT follow if this sells well enough in North America.

jacksonmichael2388d ago

Who disagreed with this? I must slap them. For the good of humanity.

Hardedge2387d ago

I've got my fingers crossed! It'll be disappointing of the other two fell through.

richierich2388d ago

Yes I couldnt agree more we need more JRPGs

Xander-RKoS2388d ago

"but the company -- all companies -- has a responsibility to publish works which enrich the medium".

This is something I strongly disagree with. An artist has the responsibility to contribute to and enrich their medium, a publisher has a responsibility to make money.

Like the article said, the potential audience for Xenoblade is probably really low when compared to something like Mario. This would explain why not every single store is going to be able to sell the game.

The thing is, we as the consumer, are not entitled to anything concerning what a company sells us or doesn't sell us. I respect the decision that these game companies make when choosing not to localize a game that could end up just being lost money. Lost money is a terrible way to run a business, so even if I don't like it, I still can understand it.

AceofStaves2388d ago

You've expressed my thoughts on it perfectly. I'm glad that 'Xenoblade' is releasing here in NA, but I'm always surprised at how many gamers don't take the business side of the gaming industry into account.

Publishers have to make the best decisions for their bottom line, or else they won't remain in business. That's why I've always felt that the best thing gamers can do is vote with their wallets and support the devs/publishers.

limewax2388d ago

But the thing is Xenoblade done very well in its UK debut months ago so they should have realised then that there was a profit to be made

Spenok2387d ago

Fully agree with you an Xander, however its pretty obvious why people dont consider the business side of the industry. Usually not only because in comparrison to games its rather boring, but not only that most people, and not just gamers, are not learned in business thus dont understand.

Instigator2387d ago

I agree that the potential sales of Xenoblade is extremely low compared other 1st Party games, but on the other hand it's also an investment by Nintendo.

By localizing Xenoblade they let the consumers know that Nintendo will bring them these games, even if it's a little overdue. It provides reassurance in future Nintendo hardware and removes some of the doubts the consumers may have, namely if they'll miss out on amazing games because of NoA's priorities.

It may also effect game sales in the long run. Let's say the game only has a lifetime sales of 100,000 copies. That's not much, but what if 10,000 of those bought a Wii to play the game. Those newcomers to the console will most likely buy other games for the console as well. 10,000 Mario's, Zelda's, Metroid's, No More Heroes' and the likes, all because they brought over something that's been lacking this generation; A great JRPG.

jc485732388d ago

you know, we're ready to pay for The Last Story as well.

DarkBlood2387d ago

well maybe not ideal to release a game in stores if unsure if they will sell well but there should be a site to order it from they wont lose any money from doing that i think

and when a order is requested and paid for a copy will me made, packaged and sent

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