List of Studios and Games Affected by Activision / Vivendi Merger

As part of a broader feature about yesterday's merger between Activision and Vivendi, Gameplayer has drafted a list of all the studios and games directly affected.

"So below you'll find a list of the studios that have been affected directly by this merger, and a look at the series they develop, and games they have in the pipeline. Is your favourite in the list?"

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ruibing3853d ago

Some of my favorite studios are going to be affected by this merger: Blizzard, Infinity Ward, Massive Entertainment, Red Octane, and Sierra. I hope this will simply make sure EA doesn't dominate the gaming industry.

Papacharinonanadan3853d ago

I know EA is the company everyone loves to hate, but Activison have become much more guilty of EA-isms in the last few years than anyone else. Look at CoD 3's existence... they couldn't even be arsed waiting for Infinity Ward.

EA on the other hand have some great new IP like SKATE, Dead Space, Spore, Crysis and Army of Two.

ruibing3853d ago

True, but if there are two big giants, they must compete with one another which is always good for the consumers. When AMD and Intel had the price war, I remember some really ridiculously low priced CPUs.

ichimaru3853d ago

i think good things could come from this in the future

Relientk773853d ago

wow thats alot of studios