Games Radar: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Preview

Games Radar writes, "The man behind the rebalanced Super Street Fighter II will destroy you. David Sirlin has competed in SF tournaments since 1991, represented the USA at Japan's Super Battle Opera tournament, playtested every Capcom Classics re-release of the games and literally wrote the book on competitive gaming. He's also got a cool site where he writes fascinating essays on game design."

"Human Street Fighter encyclopedia Sirlin knows the series better even than its creators, so when he tells the world that HD Remix is the true sixth revision of the most successful beat-'em-up series ever, it's press-stoppingly serious business. HD Remix may have started as a polished remake, but with tweaks and fixes it's now a whole new game - scrubbed up, more accessible for newcomers, and rebalanced for tournament play at the highest levels."

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Genki3877d ago

Make the game more competitive, yet easier to access. Nothing wrong with that at all.

I see most people complaining just for the sake of complaining though.

"Don't mess with SF! It's holy!" Well...give us a reason then, jacka**.

None of the reported changes seem as if they will hurt the integrity of the game. Remember, none of the characters are being dumbed down, and nobody is being made to be overpowered.

All of the naysayers conveniently forget that an untweaked version of the HDR is also included. Nevermind that though, right?

I hope it's as good as it looks.

[email protected]3877d ago

Hopefully, will be as good as sound. Can't wait for playing Online.

bloop3877d ago

...being a die hard SF2 fan I don't think they should have made any changes at all. If it aint broke, don't fix it. Anyway, I suppose Capcom know what they're doing and wouldn't have made any changes for the worse. And when the hell is this out?!?! I thought this was supposed to be released in October?!?!?!?!?

Genki3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Thank you for the civil response, but that mentality is like saying don't make sequels to games. Remember, the original version is included in this package intact, complete with updated visuals, so I really don't see where the harm is.

My point is that 99% of the people who are against the changes are only against it for the sake of being against it. I have yet to hear SPECIFICALLY why any of these changes will make the gameplay worse. SFII is not the bible, changing it is not some blasphemous insult upon the gaming gods.

I just want someone to break down for me, change by change, what is so bad about these implementations. Otherwise, I don't see where the fire is.

Anyway, I think its release is slated for Q1 '08

EDIT @ crazy

But in what way though? That's what I keep hearing "It'll kill the gameplay!" but my question is always how? I hear crickets afterwards. It just seems to me that there's a no changes bandwagon that people like to jump on without thinking about something in depth. Again, how will the changes hurt the gameplay? Nobody is being weakened, some moves are made easier, and lower level characters have been augmented.

Who can honestly say that it's a bad thing that a character who's had frustrating moves has been tweaked? Who can honestly say that tighter competition in the top tier levels is a bad thing?

Please, nobody give me that "n00b" answer either, because that's an immature and lame cop out, I'm looking for legit reasons.

crazy250003877d ago

is that gamers are afraid the changes might make the game play worse or not as fun as it once was (which doesn't sound like they have)

but i think thats why they hate changes

bloop3876d ago the article said, they've tweaked some characters so that there wont be anymore "10 second body-bag" rounds. I always thought the likes of Dhalsim and Zangief were body bag cases, until I managed to climb to the top 100 in rankings on XBLA, where I was regularly meeting masters of said characters and getting my ass handed to me. So now what... they're going to be even harder to beat now because they've tweaked those characters?? That doesn't give me the impression of some particular match ups being "more competitive", rather someones going to be at a disadvantage compared to the original SF2 game code, which we all know and love so much.

As for dumbing down the controls, lets take Sagats Tiger Knee as an example. It's his one move that he is immune to projectiles while doing, but can be god damn tricky to pull off at times, for that reason!! And now that they've made it easier to execute, Sagat users will again have an advantage.

Anyway, I wasn't completely disagreeing with you in the first place. I'm kinda in two minds about it, and who knows, I may grow to like the tweaked version more, but I'm still glad they're including an un-tweaked version.

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crazy250003877d ago

will be sooo much fun.....i can finally have matches with old friends and kick their a$$!!!

and fight yall too

akaFullMetal3877d ago

damn this needs to come out sooner

SDS Overfiend3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

LOL ok then if he said so. From what it sounds like at they did was dumb the game down just like what Sega did to VF.

Trust me he doesn't know what rebalanced is. Just because you played in tournament blah,blah,blah you don't know the half of it. trust me if i could rebalance certain things i could write a book on it.

Genki3876d ago

instead of sitting back and talking sh*t? You can think you can do a better job all you want, nothing wrong with that, but why don't you tell us why instead of shooting off at the mouth?

Everyone plays monday morning QB, buddy.

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