Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland: meanest Nintendo game ever?

Stephen Totilo of the MTV Multiplayer Blog writes:

"Money = Life. That's the gameplay philosophy of "Tingle." It makes for a game that is novel, warped and punishing in a way I've never experienced before, a game that I think has broken me.

Like the headline suggests, the whole thing has led me to view "Tingle" as the meanest game Nintendo has ever made.

"Tingle" came out in Japan in September of 2006, and a little over a year later was released in Europe. It's never been announced for the U.S. release, possibly because it's star, the fey map-seller from some of the more recent "Zelda" games is not too popular with some of the more macho gamers in the States. Not so in Europe, I guess, where the back of his game box proclaims in green, yellow, teal and pink text that "Still single at 35, Tingle sets off on a search for happiness." (They never quite say he's gay, but they don't do much to make you think otherwise.)"....

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snoop_dizzle3877d ago

now we see who tingle really is. I knew there was something fishy about him.

Relientk773877d ago

that picture is soo creepy