The showdown: DX9 vs. DX10 - 03 Dec 2007:

The question aimed at any new release of Microsoft's DirectX is whether it's worth the upgrade. Generally the answer is yes, but with DX10 it's worth asking the question again: is it really worth the upgrade?

[ This article first appeared in PC Format magazine (issue 208) ]

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Lumbo3942d ago

As the article concludes, i won't update to Vista just for DX10, sorry but Vista stays OFF my system, permanently. The offered optical benefits do not outweigh the vista performance drop and DRM insanity.

cjp4eva3942d ago

"Generally the answer is yes?" Where the hell do you live? dx10 is complete fail coming from a pc gamer, and 95% of all pc gamers.

Double-Edged3942d ago

so basically.
the PC is gay

Bonsai12143942d ago

nope, Vista's gay..

especially since the fabled SP3 for XP will boost the speed of XP to twice that of vista

Swat203942d ago

of course not direct X 10 just eats your PC's power and turns your games into slide shows. stick with DX9 until they get all this mess fixed

MK_Red3942d ago

I'm no fan of DX10 but in the end, it will be usefull. Just not this year or this gen. There are far few full DX10 games and the tech is still too expensive. Plus, I really don't feel like upgrading to Vista.

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