Indie Game Designers Find Inspiration By Thinking Small

To close out this year's Montreal International Game Summit, one group of ambitious designers asked their peers to think very, very small.

Eight indie games, winners of a contest sponsored by a Montreal-based collective of experimental game designers called Kokoromi, tackled such subjects as life, death, and marriage, all within 256 pixels each.

"Limitations are a challenge, a puzzle," says Kokoromi member and award-winning indie game designer Heather Kelley.

They called the contest "Gamma 256." The rules: Design a game with graphics that fit into a space of 256 by 256 pixels, playable with an Xbox 360 controller.

The restrictions, according to Kokoromi member Damien Di Fede, were to emphasize that "games are about gameplay -- not eye candy."

The four are tight-lipped about next year's event, only saying that it will take place in the fall. Anyone interested can keep an eye on their site, where most of the games submitted to Gamma 256 are available for download.

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