Modern Warfare 3 Lag Explained

TecStories: Ever wondered why people loved being hosts in Modern warfare 2, but loathe it in Modern warfare 3. LC2H explains how lag works in modern warfare 3, and discusses the taboo topic of lag compensation.

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fooxy2387d ago

Somebody should make a video and explain why this game has no dedicated serves or option to rent ones, why they give u worthless facebook like service for extra 50 bucks a year and why people fall for this crap ?

Jacobite2387d ago

Nothing beats a lan party with a few friends don't need to worry about internet connection speed, ping ect, though it can be a hassle to set up lol

Iroquois_Pliskin2387d ago

Yeah... I remember having LAN parties with friends playing BF2. That CO-OP feeling is the best

ninjahunter2387d ago

Lag compensation: Averages all the pings in a game, Adds more latency to people under the average ping and gives a high priority to people with bad connections.

Thats why it will seem like your shooting someone but when the killcam shows it 'apparantly' they fired first. just gives the lower the ping the longer real laggers have to pull off an insta kill.

JsonHenry2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

One more reason they need dedicated servers. It won't fix it but it sure makes it more of a level playing field. Especially since the host no longer has such a crazy advantage.

loobtube2387d ago

p2p is cheap and nasty but the shareholders love it!!

bumnut2387d ago

^^^^^^ What he said.

Thats why the player count is so low too, 6 vs 6 is boring.

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