Top 10 Horror Video Games

Horror News writes: "The Top 10 Horror Video Games was a tough list to come up with, because there are so many great horror video games to choose from. I completely composed this list of next generation console games (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3), so you should be able to go out and purchase these titles at your local game retailer just in time for Christmas. Also, I had to determine what I would classify as a horror video game, and I decided that the game didn’t necessarily need to be scary. It just had to be a lot of fun and feature a few horror elements such as horror themes or monsters."

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Venox20082361d ago

sorry, but there are way greater horror games even in this generation

<> Silent Hill: homecoming (some would argue, but it's still more horror than most of games on this list)

<> Deadly Premonition

<> Fatal frame IV (made in this gen)

<> Silent hill: Shattered memories

Laxman2361d ago

I love Deadly Premonition. Those that can look past its bad... everything, get such a good experience out of it. Like some old horror movies, its just so damn bad its good.

Dead Space 1/2 are probably the best horror games this Gen I think. Really looking forward to Silent Hill: Downpour, too.

And while some people would argue, I think Alan Wake deserves to be known as a Horror game. I dont know what it is about it that makes people not consider it a horror.

guitarded772360d ago

Yup... and Siren Blood Curse and Alan Wake (not sure if Alan Wake is really horror, but it's more intense than some of those games).

Venox20082360d ago

oh, really Siren is great, how could I forget it? :D still, it's a remake of PS2 first game, but still a great survival horror expierence

Ducky2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

Although the author does state their reason for deeming what games are 'horror'... I still don't think any game on the list belongs in the 'horror' category.

None of them are particularly scary.
... but they're fun at least.

... and if you're going to include RE5, then might as well include FEAR3 in there as well.

jthamind2360d ago

i really don't see Left 4 Dead as a horror game in any sense.

and my first play through of Demon's Souls actually scared me more than any game i've played. lol. i was walking so slow and peeking around every corner, not wanting to get my ass kicked.

Lord_Sloth2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

FPS fanboy? Confirmed.

No horror list is completed without even a mention of Silent Hill. Namely 2. I don't care if it's not from this gen, it deserves it!!!

Ducky2360d ago

The list is for current-gen platforms only.

Otherwise, there'd be SilentHill, EternalDarkness, SystemShock2 and Amnesia.

Lord_Sloth2360d ago

I know but still a bad list. FEAR was this gen was it not? And there's nothing horrifying about half the games he listed. Plants vs Zombies?

WhiteLightning2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

LOL....Resident Evil 5

Oh yeah that forced co-op which didn't fit a game like RE was the only scariest part of that game

BTW...L4D is way better then L4D2

sonicsidewinder2360d ago

*see's resi 5 as article image*

I do not forsee a good article...

Ducky2360d ago

Don't see how L4D is better than the 2nd.

The only thing L4D did better was the atmosphere (it was darker) but since the majority of the L4D maps have been ported to L4D2 (on PC version at least) there isn't much reason to play the original.

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