Mass Effect: "Best Xbox 360 Title of 2007" (Gaming Today)

Gaming Today's William on Mass Effect - December 3, 2007:

"In the end, all I can say is that this game basically rocks your socks off with a great story. It's safe to say that Mass Effect is the best Xbox 360 title of 2007. Sorry Halo 3! I still love you, but this was simply the most entertaining game I have played all year. Thanks BioWare and Microsoft Studios for making my week."

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PS3 Limps on and on3948d ago

This is like the Brokeback Mountain of space.

to4073948d ago

My guy, seems you haven't got any constructive thing to say. Do you really need to bash a game because you own a different console. Fanboyism is their creed and religion. Its sad really

BloodySinner3948d ago

Time to bring your bubble down. I had enough of you.

power of Green 3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

You would have to play the game and get to know the charactor that doesn't mind relationships with other type of creatures.

Never had a gay relationship in this game( you can choose to fuc a Space animal though if you got game).

ktchong3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

1. Halo 3 (Xbox 360 exclusive)
2. The Orange Box (Xbox 360 timed exclusive)
3. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii exclusive)

*NOT* a single PS3 exclusive has gotten a 10/10 from EDGE. Need I say more?

And don't give me that "it's still early for PS3 crap." Wii has been out for as long as the PS3, and Wii already has a 10/10.

games4fun3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

you said halo 3 its such a great game that deserves all the 10's for its great innovations such as ... oh wait it was the same game only improved graphics but it was awesome playing online with all those kids yelling wasnt it... oh yea how about the great online p2p that isnt laggy... wait it is laggy when in btb... no dedicated servers umm ummm well at least you fanatically support an average shooter at best good job oh and your MS's b$tch of a lemming for media coverage good sheep.

oh yea mass effect is actually a good game the gameplay outwieghs the glitches

The Killer3948d ago

mass effect is very far from being the best game on 360 for 2007!
there so many better games than mass effect!

goldenxbox3948d ago

Keep on kicking the ass !!!!

I love me some Mass Effect !!

sheng long3948d ago

do you want me to bring PLAY magazine into this since you want to talk about magazines giving games 10s? i didn't think so.

By the way, my choice for xbox 360 game of the year is bioshock.

AllroundGamer3948d ago

yeah definitely Bioshock GOTY

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The story is too old to be commented.