Far Cry with Stunning Crysis Graphics: New Video and Screenshots of Far Cry 2010 Chapter 2

Here are brand new screenshots and a video from the upcoming CryEngine mod Far Cry 2010 Chapter 2.

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aawells072242d ago

Ok nice video great song but the two dont in anyway go to together lol

Legionaire20052242d ago

That song is from a girl who is a big fan of Skyrim. She sing the song to Ign.

aawells072241d ago

Yeah i know ive watched it proly 15 times before this video was posted i just thought that they dont go to together lol.

Jdub895O2242d ago

how about they mod farcry 2. Looks better in my opinion.

iamgoatman2242d ago

Can't, Ubisoft never released any mod tools. Would have been good though, the game had so much potential.

Ducky2242d ago

Looks good, but I've yet to see a mod that beats the DeltaSector one.

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