Uncharted - the beginning of an adventure without a map

Check out the new screenshots of Uncharted: Golden Abyss now.

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teedogg801878d ago

Any word on a date for this game yet? I hope it will be available at launch.

manwo1878d ago

You didn't know about this? this game will be released as a launch title in Japan or Europe

MasterCornholio1878d ago

Wow this blows Resident Evil for the 3DS out of the water. Im really impressed with the Vitas graphics capabilities.

I wonder how long this game will be though.


miyamoto1877d ago

Its great to know that Uncharted, a Western game, is on top of many Japanese gamer's priority. I hope the American's embrace Japanese games this way too

kramun1878d ago

Drakes head looks unbelievably big in that picture.

LolololRumz1878d ago

The graphics are excellent for this game, this is the game that will make me buy a Vita. But I'll still probably wait til the prices drop a little

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