Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: Japanese TV Spot

Uncharted gets some TV time in Japan.

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PS3 Limps on and on3827d ago

this game owns. While I give Bioshock my vote for Game of the year. Uncharted could seriously be considered for runner up. That's saying a lot in a year with games like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4.

UnblessedSoul3827d ago

I've seen alot of ps3 commercials lately uncharted was one of them as well (Uk)

Heaven_Or_Hell3827d ago

You're living and UK and you can see Uncharted Ads ? Oo
I'm in France and I can see just Ratchet and Clank and Assassin's Creed spot (Massive Attack-Tear drop)

resistance1003827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I'm yet to see an uncharted advert over here, but the singstar ones are flying in. With the song 'final countdown' from europe being used in it

Edit - Theres the UK singstar advert which doesn't have final countdown on, i think theres about 3 different ads for singstar

solar3827d ago

o.O hehe its crazy hearing Drake in a japanese voice :P

games4fun3827d ago

rpg loving people its a great game even tho its not an rpg i know its hard to wrap your brain around but cmon.

RAM MAGNUMS3827d ago

I know if there was a Bad A$$ Contest Marc Fenix Would Violate Drake in very violent ways! Gears will ALWAYS be better than this lame dude's quest for nuts. DONT HATE CAUSE YOU AINT. FLASHBACK ON NINTENDO WAS A WAY BETTER GAME. Uncharted is for the starved ps3 waiters. Gears has created a standard and uncharted is for kids who cannot play gears with the blood and gore options on. THis message has been Massively effective and approoved by RAM MAGNUMS...

Heaven_Or_Hell3827d ago

How the hell can you still have 4 bubbles ?

vloeistof3827d ago

and kratos would win for them both

Sevir043827d ago

leave it to some xbox fan who cant afford a ps3 to bash a game that wont ever see the light of day on his console. this game has critical acclaim all over it. and pisses all over gears in graphics gameplay animation and presentation. a cenematic experience that not even HS which had that title could stand upon, and lets not get into the loading times that was in gears... verses the the one loading time that happens when you start up the game for like 8 seconds and then it never loads again in uncharted. if gears is still that good go play it. dont bring your horse sh1t in here because this was about a japanese tV ad for a game on the pS3 stay on topic.

if you wanna talk about the 360 and gears... the xbox 360 page is just one click right of the Ps3.

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