Turok Multiplayer Hands-On Preview by Shacknews

Shacknews recently got a hands on preview of the multiplayer mode of the upcoming Turok game.

Here is part of what they said:

"Turok experience had been incorporated into the multiplayer component as well. Unfortunately, most of the absurdist notions of later Turok titles that made for a cornball video game narrative lent most strongly to making the multiplayer a singularly addictive experience. In paring down the gameplay to provide a more straightforward shooter affair, the multiplayer component becomes a decidedly less memorable, although certainly playable, Turok-flavored experience."

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jinn3824d ago

i still have nightmares of turok evolution

dachiefsman3824d ago

while I will agree with that assessment...this game on the other hand looks to be on a whole new level....