The 10 worst geek gift ideas for the holidays

Sometimes it's not so obvious that something will make a horrible holiday gift (or just a grudgingly accepted one). That's why we're here to clear the air for you. Following are 10 tech-related products, which, while potentially tempting, you might want to rethink before wrapping up in red and green (or blue and silver, or whatever the colors for your holiday of preference happen to be). They aren't necessarily bad products, just not particularly apt choices for the holidays.

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goldenxbox3826d ago

One of the best in the industry fellow gamers !!!!
Everyone has this, Windows Vista is super popular !!

During this holliday season, don't let anyone dissuade you from getting a fresh minty copy of Windows Vista !!!

Skynetone3826d ago

my xp machine which is atleast five times less powerful loads in thirty seconds my vista takes about two and a half minutes

the only think i like with vista is the chess and solitaire

LeonSKennedy4Life3826d ago

Why not get someone Blu-ray and HD-DVD's??? They would WANT THEM!!!

Unlike the other products, Blu-ray discs and HD-DVD's are USEFUL!!!

Tsukasah3826d ago

@1 i hope you're being sarcastic... LINUX FTMFW!!

Anyways, almost all of these items except for a few weren't really geeky don't cha think? Some of them that are on there shouldn't even be on there. Perfect example, BluRay's and HDDVD's... And also... those USB devices are great :( I even asked for some for christmas... I already have a USB powered desklamp(i must say it gave me space for my N64 that's over here now, since I got a new HDTV that I can use for my TV, PS3, and now N64!!:P So yeah... those USB powered devices are quite useful!

Bonsai12143826d ago

i really want that USB nerf launcher. seriously. it looks so cool. haha.

i bought leopard for myself, and gave it as a "gift" to my friends over thanksgiving.

and i also bought planet earth on blu-ray for my parents...

Rice3826d ago

Vista, isnt that bad... I dont know what there people are talking about, its a great os, not perfect though...

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