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Mass Effect Review " Has Significant Flaws" - LoadingReality.com

If all that was wrong was the framerate, Mass Effect might still be a GoTY contender, but there are some other annoyances which, when added up, could drive you crazy. Firstly, the morality system was sold as a "grey" scale, but it's, for all intents and purposes, the light side and dark side redux; some more ambiguity would have been nice. The length is a big concern as well. Around 13 hours (with a fair amount of side quests) isn't a respectable length for an RPG. Period. When most other games in the genre are offering 3x the game, that's a problem. On top of that your vehicle, the Mako (essentially a moon rover with guns) is awful. It's like controlling a Goodyear blimp. Those segments skew the pacing (which is great) pretty severely. (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 8.5/10

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PS3 Limps on and on  +   2552d ago
Does this game suck ass or what? I've just heard too much nasty about it.

I also heard there's a gay sex scene in it, I heard the Subtitle "Ass Effect"

Just got a bad imperssion on this game, don't get the feeling it lived up.
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ktchong  +   2552d ago
PS3 fanboys just enjoy viciously putting it down.

It still gets an overwhelmingly positive review. Its average review score is 92%, which is still higher than any PS3 game - Ratchet & Clank Future or Uncharted. You don't see too many Xbox fanboys bashing Ratchet & Clank Future or Uncharted - so we know who are classier. Seriously, Mass Effect is still a better game than those two games.

But this year's GOTY would not be Mass Effect (nor Uncharted) anyway - My personal pick for this year's GOTY is Super Mario Galaxy.

If you think about it, it's interesting: last year Wii Sport swept the GOTY awards. This year it will be Super Mario Galaxy. Two years in a row, the GOTY games are Wii exclusives!
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rofldings  +   2552d ago
"You don't see too many Xbox fanboys bashing Ratchet & Clank Future or Uncharted - so we know who are classier."

I'm sorry, but that made me lol.
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games4fun  +   2552d ago
along with you wth you been smokin roundpeg your so wrong its funny

Edit: lol at the shmee thing i hope shmee shows up so you dont do this at every post i make. shmee is not me lol does it shock you that more than one person dislikes you or something?
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ktchong  +   2552d ago
Whatever you say, shmee
So I know the admin restricted Nasim from submitting any more tips (and most likely submission as well.)

I think Shmee also got restricted - I suppose that's why I haven't seen him spamming the tip section for a while.

So, I'll see how long your new account will get restricted again this time.
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Boink  +   2552d ago
everyone i've talked to that has it, loves it.

and most reviews point out that there are a few flaws, but overall a great game.

I still think i'll rent it over buy it though.
gamesR4fun  +   2552d ago
Its a good game but unless your a rpg fan you gonna have a hard go getting past the flaws...

Still not an unplayable game at all and quite inspired in some ways well worth a 7 If they cleaned it up a bit and got rid of the glitches it might be a perfect 10 really.
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BLUR111  +   2551d ago
hey round peg..
here you say goty is mario but in gametrailers you say mass effect is game of the year wtf
tplarkin7  +   2551d ago
Mass Effect is amazing.
The reason for the "flaws" is the ambitious scale and detail. For the most part, Mass Effect loads in real-time. This constant loading is the reason for the hiccups (similar to Oblivion). In general, the frame rate is very smooth.

And don't listen to anyone that says it can be beaten in 12 hours. I spent 45 hours on the first play-through and I skipped a ton of stuff. I'm on my second at 22 hours and I am about half way.
power of Green  +   2552d ago
Nah its a great game theres always going to be people trying to stand out(reviewers) or haters(fanboys of the competing console) being unrealistic about the the grading with standards so high its can only be descibed as malice for a company or product.

13 Hours lol, not on normal and up you have to do lots of side missions to level up to be powerful enough to do the main missions on the harder settings.
FrostyMelon  +   2552d ago
13 hours? What game did he play, or what setting? I am at that now and not even close to being done.

Great game, very enjoyable Sci-Fi RPG, even with it's flaws.
sheng long  +   2552d ago
the way i see it, if you love the KOTOR series, then you will enjoy ME.
I beat KOTOR 1 & 2, while ME din't grab me the same way KOTOR did, it's still enjoyable. Good game not great, 8.5 is a fair score.
Si-Pie  +   2552d ago
I find this so funny. When you click on it the head line makes out this review basically says its rubbish and keep away from it but when you actually read the article it says its a good game and does point out some flaws which I already know it has from playing it for a few hours but the review does say its a good game and despite the flaws anyone looking for a RPG should pick it up.
likeaboss302  +   2552d ago
13 hrs?
The reviewer must have made a mad dash through the game to complete it and all the quests that quickly. I played on the most difficult level and beat 75% of the game in about 23 game hours which is probably close to 30hrs of my time considering restarts and stuff.
Relientk77  +   2552d ago
significant flaws doesnt mean the game is bad tho
allforcalisto  +   2552d ago
hmmm (EDIT title)
it depends what "significant flaws" are, what type of game it is, etc. For how the devs hyped the game it definitely has siginificant flaws, but still isn't a bad game when you put aside what was promised.

i'm expecting mgs4 to have a few flaws here and there. I can assume it
isn't going to revolutionise gaming (in terms of sheer gameplay) i see games like Heavy rain (devs did indigo prophecy) actually revolutionizing how we see games.
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Sayai jin  +   2552d ago
I am enjoying it and I have 10 plus hours and I think I still have a while before I am done.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2552d ago
13 hours?

i'm 12 hours in and just now got done with 2 main missions
CNIVEK  +   2552d ago
My wife and I have already logged 23+ hours, and just have finished Feros. We've done mostly sidequests thus far, so we could level up our character and sqadmates as much as possible, without playing the central storyline. Of course, we're true gamers, and rpg fans...we spent over 300+ hours on Morrowind and Oblivion, EACH. Casual blowhards, like the guy at LoadingReality.com, will just blow through the central story, never bother with dialog, and miss out on 75% of the game. I never let morons like this guy sway my opinion of a game...EVER.

LOL...3 disagrees. Suck it, Sony fangirls...Mass Effect is yet another AAA 360 exclusive, and you're still waiting for your first.
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Greysturm  +   2552d ago
Its a good game...
The bad reviews come from people that didnt find it up to their expectations. Some people overhyped it saying it was gonna be a 40+ hour game with awesome unparraleled graphs and a deep storyline... looking back it only got 1 of those 3. However this tends to happen lately on bioware rpgs kotor2 was a mess on the technical standpoint but just as this one it was acceptable since it was fun. In my opinion its a great game but its no game of the year because of this technical view on it.
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cow moolester  +   2552d ago
I'm at 10 hours and have just finished the Matriarch Benezia mission...(I've been exploring all the planets) I also finished the Feros mission and they are only the first 2 missions! I think its great that you can even go on the Earth's moon in the game.. I absolutely love this game...That website just wants to be "The Website" that gave an AAA Game a bad review
ChaosKnight  +   2552d ago
13 hours? It sounds like he just rushed through the game and did like one side mission. I did a majority of the side quests and the main storyline and it took me 35 hours (and i didn't doddle). But I kinda agree with him on the Mako incident... I dunno how many times I've driven to my death because it goes forward when I hold back XD.
Jack Bauer  +   2552d ago
the mako driving can be a bit wierd, even after i got used to it...i drovwe over a rock that looked just like every other rock and died once too (was in the magma level forgot the name, but it wasnt magma i drove over), pushed me back like 20 mins too

people dont seem to realize that RPGs are more then just the main quest... they put the side quests in for a reason...took me 25 hrs and i only did a few side missions....people just run through games nowadays, they dont sit back and enjoy their 60 buck investment
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The Chief of Mjolnir  +   2551d ago
Yeah, if you hold it down, the Mako is trying to turn aroud instead of just reverse the damn thing. It kills me alot of times when I meet those giant space worms.
Jack Bauer  +   2552d ago
confusing review...
this is why i only trust IGN... "has numerous, Significant flaws"..."nothing is big enough to ruin the experience"

he contradicted himself there...how can something with significant flaws not ruin the experience...then they aren't significant...just many flaws.

someone who writes for their job should catch stuff like that.
FCOLitsjustagame  +   2552d ago
My opinion of the game grew much higher the longer I played. The story is great. It took me about 40 hours on first play through and I am gladly starting my second play through. Is it GOTY? Well I guess it depends on what you look for in a GOTY. It does have a few technical glitches, load-times and slowdowns but it is an overall enjoyable game. However if you do not like RPGs (ie actually doing something beside shooting or jumping) you probably wont like this game, there is a boat load of dialouge... which I personally found interesting but others with short attention spans may find boring.
DarkSniper  +   2552d ago
Thanks to the Gamespot.com incident, reviewers are finally receiving the freedom to post non-biased reviews on XBOX 360 titles. Thanks to all of the gamers worldwide, they will be able to view reviews for what they are and not as a disguise.

The honesty shows that Mass Effect has the intention of a stellar, blockbuster title. But due to the limitations of the XBOX 360, it falls short. Bioware is a very reputable company and their development track history shows. Mass Effect is visual proof that Bioware did the best they could to provide their vision on the XBOX 360 console. Unfortuately due to the poor design of Microsoft, the XBOX 360 is incapable of carrying out Bioware's vision.

Bioware is now alligned with Electronic Arts who are known for their multiconsole titles. With that being said, Bioware will finally be able to provide consumers with a COMPLETE experience of the highly anticipated Mass Effect to the PLAYSTATION 3© console.

Microsoft has been dealt another blow exiting their second year of life and entering the third in the XBOX 360. Now with the Gamespot incident finally exposed, the truth will be released on future XBOX 360 titles.

With everything commented, I forsee this as the beginning of the end for Microsoft's console and a sharp rise for the PLAYSTATION 3©.

The Chief of Mjolnir  +   2551d ago
Dark Sniper
You tried, you failed.

If the PS3 is sooo much better than the 360, then why doesnt it have any AAA games yet?

And don´t feed me with that "The devs haven´t learned to use the full power of the PS3" BS.
cow moolester  +   2552d ago
I forsee you being a silly fanboy who has never played the game.Your comments mean nothing...The graphics are great and so is the game...and stop putting the copyright logo beside Playstation 3....thats just sad

"Dark Sniper provides informative facts that can be for debate. Not useless information for the uninformed."-quote from yourself.

What you say is in no way informative...You do not own an Xbox 360 so therefore nothing you say about it has substance.It is just fanboy dribble.
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DarkSniper  +   2551d ago
Actually. I have purchased an XBOX 360 console and still own one. I'm on my 4th system due to their hardware malfunctions. Please do not make false claims against Dark Sniper.

My ownership of the XBOX 360 console is why I'm able to provide fair and honest comparisons to the PLAYSTATION 3© platform. Obviously I'm more partial to the PS3 but I'm entitled to my opinion as you are.

Dark Sniper is a gamer, but he always makes an educated decision on what he prefers and what he sees as the truth. Dark Sniper expects people to agree with him and disagree as well. But Dark Sniper will give you a fair and mature discussion on his opinion on the matter.

Led Zeppelin  +   2551d ago
Are you really talking in the third person?
Are you insane? Or just weird...
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2551d ago
He's a Hanar
Silver Bull3t  +   2551d ago
Your mom needs to keep you from your Elmo videos. That asstard refers to himself in third person also... apparently his intelect and grammar are wearing off on you.

Your the reason your parents drink.
Bladestar  +   2552d ago
LOL... and you Sony fanboys still will not shut up about this game? It's too late already.. who ever was going to buy this game already did...

I already put 30+ hours into this game.. and though it has some minor gliches here and there.. the game experience is not affected...

If you don't want this game don't get it... period.. but no more reviews are needed.

This game received some great reviews 9/10 and even 10/10.. and others not so great... for an RPG? hell.. that was already enough for me to buy it... most people would give even a Final Fantasy game a 6/10 just because they don't like RPGs... so they focus only on minor issues...

If the game would be short and the story would suck.. than I would have time to care about minor cosmetics stuff... For example... Heavenly sword better be perfect.. and have not one issue... since the game is linear, not open ended and short... but Mass Effect? do you actually think I will stop and look at the texture of a rock on planet X on solar system Y on cluster Z? please....
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goldenxbox  +   2551d ago
Exactly alot of people give Final Fantasy a 6/10 !!!
Same thing over and over again !!!

No innovations !!

But Mass Effect a brand new experience, with some bugs in it like most games !!

9/10 from most people !

This is about experience, the overall experience of Mass Effect is one of the better to have !!!
DrRage77  +   2551d ago
why is it that whenever a good game comes out for the 360 that has gotten really good reviews, ps3 fanboys start posting "reviews" from all these no-name websites? it is absolutely amazing the amount of new websites that i have never heard of, that seem to pop up with bad reviews on games that LEGITIMATE gaming magazines have praised......
sheng long  +   2551d ago
you act as if 360 fanboys don't do the same. Both camps are guilty, that's what fanboys do, whether they're xbots or sony droids. comes with the territory.
The_Engineer  +   2551d ago
I know
it's hilarious to watch these trolls act like they are innocent.
DrRage77  +   2551d ago
um, you do realize that YOU are the one that is the TROLL on this article, right? I find it hilarious that you don't realize you are the troll LMFAO
TattooedPeanut  +   2551d ago
This game isnt no game of the year,im playing through right now and i been on it for about 15hrs (dont know how they got through it in 13) the game is good but i seen some reviewers giving this game a 10 and thats a perfect score,but this game aint perfect,far from it,there are so much glitches in this game,they shouldnt of released it yet,or this game is just to much for the 360 to handle,it freezes on me sometimes and restarts the whole system,if they would of built this on the PS3 only,the game would of been alot better and im not talking about porting it neither im saying if it was built stictly for the PS3.
dabizo  +   2551d ago
I own a PS3 and looks like a good game to me..if it was on PS3 I would buy it. The reviews highlight many bugs...low framerate, AI doesn't kick in any a few other technical issues but when developers move away from the easy money standard FPS then I think some issues can be forgiven and the game still enjoyed. Heres to MassEffect 2 and hopefully it will come to my ps3 :)
PimpinPikmin  +   2551d ago
LOL at the people saying an 8.5 is a "bad score". I love it.
Antan  +   2551d ago
15 hours and counting! Not too far through the main mission and only completed a handful of side quests, I checked/surveyed all the planetory systems and recieved numerous side quests so still have plenty to sink my nashers into!!
napplegate  +   2551d ago
i'm a sony fan and i really wish this game was available for ps3. from everything i've heard it's a splendid game.
speed_demon  +   2551d ago
Message for all prospective gamers pondering on the fact if you should buy Ass Effect, well the answer is NO I suggest you don't!
The game sucks A(ss hence why its dubbed Ass Effect, its a chatty cathy game, lots of talk with above average graphics and a sci-fi story-just rent out a sci-fi movie its much better than this crappy game.

If you want true action-- play Uncharted Drake's Fortune on the PS3 or the up and coming UNreal Tournament 3 out on December 10--- only on the PS3.
PMR_21  +   2551d ago
more like..
gogators  +   2551d ago
I have only just finished Noveria, and
I have all the side quest that can be unlocked completed. I am just about to start Feros and I am at 26 hours of game play.
squelchy15  +   2551d ago
UT3 only on PS3? yeah right speed demon?
pretty strange considering UT3 is actually out on PC and actually coming out for 360 in the future, u sir know nothing
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